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6 Time Savers to Help You Conquer Busy Season

AccuLynx Conquer Busy Season
September 3, 2023 at 9:00 a.m.

By Anne Redd, AccuLynx. 

How to streamline time-sucking routine tasks so you can have time running your business. 

Busy season isn’t called that for no good reason! Effective time management is the key to not getting overwhelmed while business is booming. Using construction business management software like AccuLynx, is an easy way to save your time for when you need it most. Read on to learn about six ways AccuLynx can streamline your processes and free up some more of your time! 

Time saver #1: sign your estimates and contracts electronically 

Are you using endless amounts of paper and spending hours going back and forth to customers’ homes for quick signatures? Digital contracts can eliminate this wasted time. 

SmartDocs by AccuLynx quickly converts your most frequently used documents, such as estimates, proposals, and contracts, into legally binding digital documents that can be signed virtually anywhere. The e-sign feature through SmartDocs can improve your sales process through: 

  • Saving time by using pre-filled document templates for estimates, contracts, checklists, and more 
  • Saving money by eliminating the need to scan, print, fax, or deliver documents to homeowners 
  • Providing security by uploading all documents into the cloud, with easy accessibility for your office staff to view completed files without fear of losing information 

The efficiency and profitability of your business will increase exponentially with the help of SmartDocs. You, and your customers, will be satisfied with the ability to access quick, and accurate contract documentation, and your crews will be able to start working sooner. 

Time saver #2: automate your communications 

Routine communication with homeowners and your teams can take up a lot of your day. Instead of spending hours emailing or texting your customers, automations can streamline your most common communications, freeing you to focus on other areas of your business. 

With the Automation Manager in Acculynx, you can set up automated email or text messages triggered by events in the construction business management software, so nothing slips through the cracks, and you can work on more jobs without feeling overwhelmed or mixing up information. 

There are many different types of automations that you can use to help streamline and standardize your communication. Here are some ideas if you don’t know where to start. 

  • Once a job is submitted or an appointment is created, set up an automated email to confirm the initial customer appointment 
  • Set up automations to trigger a notification such as to pull a building permit 
  • Send the homeowner a text message the day before their appointment, confirming the details 

Time saver #3: send text messages 

Did you know that most customers prefer to be contacted by a business via text? Texts often get a faster response than emails, but if that thread is only on your phone, it doesn’t help your office staff. With the AccuLynx text messaging add-on, you can send both automated and two-way texts to your crews and homeowners right from your job file, so every conversation stays organized. 

Communicating through text messaging is an easy way to keep your leads, customers, and staff updated throughout a project. With AccuLynx, your text will be sent from a unique local number, and when your contact replies, you’ll receive a notification right in AccuLynx. 

Text messaging within construction business management software provides many ways to save time and keep your contacts updated, but if you don’t know where to start, here are some ideas: 

  • Appointment reminders 
  • Change of plans (weather) 
  • Updates and progress photos 
  • Quick questions 
  • Follow-up messages for feedback 

Time saver #4: offer online payment processing & financing 

Roofing projects are expensive, and by providing options for your customers on how they can pay, you can help take away some of the stress such an expense can put on a homeowner. AccuLynx has two integrations, AccuFi and AccuPay, accessible right from the AccuLynx dashboard that can speed up the payment process and provide options for how your customers can pay for your services. 

AccuFi helps provide financing options for your customers right from their job estimate. With this integration, the homeowner can request financing options by filling out a quick application without any impact on their credit score. Homeowners then receive the option to choose between multiple competitive loan options that will provide payments directly to their accounts in 1-2 days without having to step into a bank. This will help eliminate slowdowns and delays during the estimation process by giving your customers an easy way to break down the down payment, or the entire job, into more manageable payments without affecting when and how you get paid. 

Once a contract is signed, contractors can use AccuPay, a secure online payment processing feature where you can directly process credit card and ACH payments right from the AccuLynx dashboard or Job File. Your customers can pay their outstanding balances and will automatically sync to your QuickBooks account. 

This streamlined process cuts out the need to transition between systems or manually enter data, simplifying accounting and reducing the possibility of human error. Plus, this feature provides customers with the option to pay with credit cards, debit cards, or e-checks, over the phone, or online. This creates convenience for both you and your customer, without having to collect paper checks or make trips to the bank. 

Time saver #5: communicate more effectively with crews using mobile apps 

Communicating with your crews can take up a lot of time and may not provide real-time visibility if you have to go to the job site to receive updates or wait till the end of the day. With the mobile Crew App in AccuLynx, you can stay better connected with your crews no matter where you are this busy season. 

The mobile Crew App simplifies communication and management by: 

  • Creating customizable checklists to share with your crews and receive real-time updates as soon as crews cross items off the list 
  • Providing Spanish and English translations to help accommodate Spanish-speaking roofing crews 
  • Giving crews the ability to take and share photos via the AccuLynx Job File easily, so you can see how the job is progressing even from the office 
  • Crews can send messages back and forth with the office via the app, and message recipients are notified in real-time to resolve issues quickly 

Time saver #6: use data to forecast and manage your business performance 

Creating reports can be time-consuming, especially when you have to collect and organize your data. With ReportsPlus in AccuLynx, you can customize your reports, or choose from multiple pre-built reports that will help you forecast material needs, spot problems before they arise, and track how your company is doing

It is easy to customize your reports so that you can see exactly what you want. 

Here are 3 reports to take a look at in your construction business management software: 

  • Time in process: Understand how long it takes for a job to move through the pipeline so you can stop bottlenecks before they happen 
  • Dead leads summary report: Track the reasons a lead has been marked as dead to spot any patterns 
  • Materials report: See your material product cost totals, job counts, and quantities ordered to better project your needs in 2022 

Time can sometimes feel like a luxury, especially during busy season when a big storm hits. By incorporating the time-savers listed above, you will find yourself with extra time to focus on more important things within your business. 

Learn more about AccuLynx in their RoofersCoffeeShop® Directory or visit AccuLynx.com

Original article source: AccuLynx

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