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WSRCA – Western States Roofing Contractor Association

Delivering over $22,000 in value – Learn more about joining WSRCA.

Western States Roofing Contractors Association is a non-profit regional association of roofing, roof deck and waterproofing contractors and industry related associate members. The association’s close and frequent contact with members and its programs and services are vital to the successful operation of member companies.

The Western States Roofing Contractors Association (WSRCA) was formed in 1974 to preserve and promote the roofing industry in the western region. WSRCA’s purpose is to provide assistance to enable its members to operate successfully and competitively.

WSRCA members recognize that the perpetuation of such a healthy business environment is greatly influenced by their professional conduct. The association strongly supports the following practices and encourages its members to do the same.

Professional roofing contractors:

  • Are honest and straightforward in their dealings with clients, submitting reasonable proposals and answering all questions pertaining to those proposals
  • Stand behind their work, offering warranties or guarantees where appropriate
  • Enter into contracts that are fair and equitable, and that clearly assign and delineate responsibilities
  • Offer evidence that their companies are bonded, insured or licensed in locations where it is appropriate or required
  • Recognize that the employee’s health and safety are of paramount concern to the company and its employees
  • Support the education and training of their employees

Registration is OPEN FOR WSRCA 2020! 

WSRCA members can use the WSRCA logo, membership seal, and bid-stickers

One of the valuable features of membership in WSRCA is the complimentary use of the WSRCA logo and membership seal. As a member, you are free to use both of these branding tools on your company website, marketing materials, and bid sheets all helping you gain an edge over your competition by distinguishing yourself as an industry leader.

Let potential customers know that you are a part of a top-notch group of roofing professionals committed to the highest standards, and the betterment of the roofing industry!

WSRCA Members value this feature alone as being worth $1,425.00 annually!*
* WSRCA conducted four qualitative research focus groups sessions throughout the western states (Phoenix, Los Angeles, Portland and the Bay Area) The dollar value listed is an average 'ROI' estimate by WSRCA members averaged over those sessions.

The following items are available to members:
WSRCA Member Logo - (PNG File)

WSRCA Member Logo - (JPEG File)

WSRCA Logo - (JPEG File)

Re-Sizeable WSRCA Logo - (.EPS File)

This is just one of the many ways WSRCA membership can take your company to new heights. Please contact the Western States office anytime to learn more about what we can do for you.

Become a Member

3 (Tech)-HD 1080p from Alec Ward on Vimeo.

Become a WSRCA Member from Alec Ward on Vimeo.

Become a WSRCA Member from Alec Ward on Vimeo.


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