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When severe storms strike, roofing contractors usually attempt to protect damaged properties with tarps. But as wind and rain continue, tarps often rip, blow off, leak, or collapse resulting in further property damage, stress, and harm to occupants and owners.

Builders are called back, again and again, to replace failed tarps while insurance claims escalate. Stormseal is an innovative alternative to tarps that provides a better solution for roofing contractors, insurers, and
homeowners. Stormseal secures storm-damaged properties, resisting wind, rain, and hail until permanent repairs are made.

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Stormseal is:

  • lightweight
  • 100% waterproof, with no flaps or gaps
  • UV resistant and fire retardant
  • Windtunnel & hail Impact tested
  • manufactured in America with the ability to produce and dispatch stock in a state of emergency.

Become a Stormseal Accredited Installer

Stop tarping! Become an accredited Stormseal installer before the next big storm! Train in Orlando at our fully equipped training centre. Still operating during COVID with social distancing and sanitized work areas. Stormseal is the world's #1 emergency roofing protection, now applied to more than 9,000 homes & buildings worldwide.

This nationally recognised course covers theoretical and practical aspects of installing Stormseal together with refreshment of the Work Safely at Heights RIIWHS204D* course. During the course we will assist you to develop safe work method statements and risk assessments for installing Stormseal film whilst working at height. This course will enable you to comply with current WHS legislation with successful trainees receiving a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment.

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See List of Current Stormseal Accredited Installers in the US Here

Abereum Roofing Team Increase 8-Fold After Stormseal Training

Using Stormseal, you’re avoiding five or six return visits to replace tarps for each property, so you’re saving lots of time and you don’t have to keep buying or hiring more tarps. You use Stormseal once and there’s no more weather damage. It’s definitely more cost-effective than tarps.

When I talk to insurers, I always recommend Stormseal. When I show them how well it works, they agree it’s better for everyone. We need to get Stormseal out there, on every damaged roof, so no one has to put up with tarps anymore.

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Stormseal: The Worlds #1 Temporary Roof Protection

Traditionally, storm-damaged houses have been covered with large tarpaulins until the insurance claim is settled and final repairs are made. The problem is that over the life of an insurance claim, which can be up to 12 months after a major weather event, tarps fail five times on average and often more than 10 times. This means continual tarp replacements, additional time and cost and further damage to the property, not to mention stress to the owner and occupants.

Stormseal doesn’t have this problem – it goes on once and stays on, no matter how long the insurance claim process lasts. 

Stormseal: Peace of Mind for Rapid Recovery

   Forget flapping, leaking, failing tarpaulins... When
   severe storms strike, insurance builders usually
   attempt to protect damaged properties with

   As wind and rain continue, tarps often rip, blow off,
   leak, or collapse, resulting in further property damage
   and stress and harm to occupants and owners.

   Builders are called back again and again to replace
   failed tarps while insurance claims escalate.

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Stormseal still strong 7 months after Hurricane Michael

We’ve had many days of rain and wind squalls during the past months yet the house has remained dry inside and the Stormseal still looks the same. Most of the tarpaulins in the area have either blown off or been replaced a number of times,” Dan and Cindy said. “Stormseal has allowed us to ‘get on with life’.

We are all so busy these days, a disaster like this really turns things upside down,” they said. “With Stormseal we’ve been able to salvage what we could and get on with the insurance process…which takes time! We haven’t had to worry about additional damages or trying to secure the tarpaulin over and over again.”

Make-Safe Quiz

Sometimes it can be hard to decide whether to tarp or Stormseal a damaged property.

If the answer is ‘Yes’ to any of the following questions, then Stormseal is the smart choice for property protection. 

  • Is the property one of many damaged in a catastrophic event?

  • Is further wind, rain or hail likely?

  • Has the property suffered structural damage? 

  • Are the roof materials unusual? 

  • Is the value of the repair/property/contents high?

  • Is the property a business location? 

  • Is it a contentious claim or likely to be cash-settled? 

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Latest Promotions and Rebates

Stormseal image

Hurricane Ida Clean Up

Hurricane Ida slammed into Louisiana over the weekend. The extent of the damage is not yet known, but is expected to be catastrophic. To assist those contractors travelling to Louisiana we are offering 20% off Stormseal film. Use the one-time-only discount code HURRICANEIDA20% when checking out from the online ordering ...
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Roofing Road Trip with Matthew Lennox

Mathew Lennox - Keeping Homes Safe After the Storm and Before the Repair

S2:E37 Using the right roof cover for protection after the storm. Heidi J. Ellsworth visits with Mathew Lennox, CEO of Stormseal about his revolutionary storm-response system that is saving homes across the globe. Stormseal is a polyethylene film that heat-shrinks to securely wrap a damaged roof or structure. Unlike ...
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Buy Online

Stormseal Buy Online

Gain access to Stormseal’s proprietary online ordering system when you register for US Stormseal/Rooftop Safety Training! Other inclusions are: Training conducted by a Stormseal-approved Height Safety Specialist One 10-hour day of training. Up to 8 trainees per course. A typical course runs from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Knowledge on relevant legislation and national ...
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Stormseal Video Playlist: 2020

See all Stormseal videos and subscribe to their YouTube channel HERE Learn more about Stormseal by visiting their RCS directory. Stormseal is the World's #1 Temporary Roof Protection Traditionally, storm-damaged houses have been covered with large tarps until the insurance claim is settled and final repairs are made. The problem is that over ...
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Stormseal Launches New Website

Stormseal Customer Testimonials

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