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McCormack Partners

U.S. Commercial Roofing Recruitment Specialists

With over 40 years of experience in roofing, McCormack Partners is firmly established as the global market leader in sourcing specialist staff from managerial to executive level for the U.S commercial roofing industry.

Whether you are recruiting for candidates with experience in TPO, PVC, EPDM, Bitumen, Built-Up, Metal Roofs, Liquid Applied, Coatings, Vegetation or Solar, McCormack Partners have the ability to match you with candidates who fit your market, systems and cultural fit… all within 30 days with our Search To Signed Method that was developed specifically for the U.S Commercial Roofing Industry.

Book a free consultation with McCormack Partners.

What's Involved?

The process will begin with a strategy consultation call to understand the key intricacies of your business and what you require from your next hire.

The first and most important step of our Search to Signed Method™ is a 1-hour strategy consultation where we can understand the key intricacies of your business and what you require from your next hire in terms of skills, expertise and cultural fit.

With access to over 90% of the U.S. commercial roofing market, our expert consultants will headhunt best-fit candidates that match your unique requirements.

We will deliver a highly vetted shortlist of pre-qualified candidates who fit your business in terms of product experience, market experience and cultural fit accompanied by in-depth notes on why the candidate is a perfect fit for your firm.

Find your next candidiate. 




Global Roofing Campaign Aims to Inspire Young People to Join Our Industry and Close the Skills Gap

McCormack Partners' #PeopleMakeRoofing campaign has drawn global support from Roofing professionals who are passionate about addressing the misconceptions and stigmas associated with the Roofing industry.

The campaign aims to inspire young people to choose Roofing as a viable and rewarding career path and help address the skills gap issue that threatens the industry's future.

Despite its many benefits, Roofing is often viewed as a dirty, low-paid industry with limited career prospects. The #PeopleMakeRoofing campaign aims to change this perception by showcasing the industry's success stories and positive messages from professionals within the sector. The campaign has received widespread support from over 70 industry leaders, including the likes of Reid Ribble (prev NRCA CEO), Heidi Ellsworth (RCS President) & Andrew Rogers (Progressive Roofing)

"The Roofing industry offers numerous fantastic career opportunities, particularly for the younger generation, and not enough is getting done to spread this message" said Luke McCormack, CEO of McCormack Partners. "We believe that by highlighting the individuals who make the Roofing industry what it is and by them offering advice to the next generation, we can inspire young people to join our industry and make a positive contribution. This is essential to address the skills gap issue and secure the industry's future."

As part of the campaign, McCormack Partners invites industry professionals to participate in Zoom interviews, where they can share their story and highlight their contributions to the industry. The interviews are to be shared with young people in Schools, Colleges, and Universities across the country via The Roofing Careers Hub which is set for launch in May 2024.

To join the #PeopleMakeRoofing campaign, please contact:
Luke McCormack, Founder & CEO, McCormack Partners via email luke@mccormack-partners.com



"McCormack Partners has a different approach on recruiting. Aside from being one of very few recruiting agencies that can actually bring forth qualified, high performing candidates, their approach focuses more on making sure that the candidate and employer are a good fit for one another. Mccormack Partners goes out of their way to ensure that the employer and candidates goals and visions align. We feel this is instrumental in maintaining our core values and employing the highest level of talent in the industry. I highly recommend McCormack Partners for your recruiting needs.."
- Progressive Roofing

"I am writing to express my utmost satisfaction and appreciation for your outstanding work in helping us find the perfect Technical salesperson for our company. Your dedication, expertise, and keen understanding of our needs have played a pivotal role in securing a candidate who aligns seamlessly with our requirements and all-important company culture.

Your meticulous approach to the recruitment process, from sourcing and screening candidates to conducting insightful interviews, has resulted in a successful hire that so far has exceeded our expectations. The candidate's qualifications, skills, and enthusiasm truly reflect the high standard of candidates you bring to the table.

Your ability to grasp the nuances of our industry and translate them into specific candidate criteria has been invaluable. Your consistent communication and collaborative spirit made the entire recruitment journey smooth and enjoyable.

Thank you once again for your exceptional effort and for contributing to our company's growth. We look forward to continuing our partnership with you for future recruitment needs."
- Garland

"Luke and his team have been working closely with us over the last couple of months filling some vital roles. It has been refreshing dealing with a consultant that takes the time to understand the role and really drill into the requirements and expectations each and every time to avoid flinging stuff over. You get out what you put in the McCormack team definitely put in the effort. Highly recommended to anyone thats looking for someone to pick up their recruitment needs."
- Milestone

"Great service and quality candidates. McCormack partners are experts in the Roofing Field."
- Mitie Roofing

"McCormack Partners are experts in the roofing field, highly professional, helpful and reachable. I would highly recommend McCormack Partners to any candidate or company."
-Briggs Amasco

"McCormack Partners has recently secured 17 members of staff for our business and the candidates that were brought to interview stages, far exceeded anything we had experienced before in previous recruitment attempts.

They have given us confidence in the relationship and backed up the almighty sales pitch Luke gives on the first call, impressive from inception to completion. I can't thank you enough for easing the pain of recruitment."

"McCormack Partners has successfully placed a number of high-quality employees within our Group. We would highly recommend MP’s services due to their thorough approach to the roofing market, understanding our needs, high degree of diligence and ability to get on with the job."
- Alumasc PLC

"McCormack Partners was highly effective when my organization needed a number of new sales heads in a matter of a couple weeks. McCormack Partners' candidates fared well through the demanding assessment process and the CEO Luke's enthusiasm for remaining engaged with all the decision makers is second to none. The polar oppisite of a remote recruiter, McCormack Partners has been effective at supporting sales turnround agenda."

Get your free consultation here.

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