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For over 70 years, Leister has been the global leader in plastic welding and industrial hot-air applications. Whether you're welding PVC, TPO or Modified Bitumen membranes, the performance and reliability of our products makes Leister the preferred choice of professional roofing contractors worldwide.

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Leister's UNIDRIVE 500 - Redefines hand welding

The UNIDRIVE 500 closes the gap between manual and automatic welding in a small, 9.9 lbs. lightweight and easy-to-handle semi-automatic hot-air welder. Weld roofing membranes up to three times faster than hand welding with the UNIDRIVE 500. It's rotating nozzle and reversible drive makes UNIDRIVE 500 ideal for welding close to the edge and in tight spaces, either on or at the roof parapet, flashing wall, edge and curb details, as well as horizontal and vertical surfaces. The tool is equipped with three handles to provide ultimate welding comfort and balance. In addition, the UNIDRIVE 500 can be easily operated via its digital display.

  • Reliable: Ergonomic handles for balanced pressure and comfort while welding

  • Fast: Up to three times faster than manual welding

  • Versatile: Rotating nozzle and reversible drive for dual-direction welding

  • Practical: Compact and lightweight at 9.9 lbs.

  • Economical: Low-maintenance due to its brushless motors

  • Intuitive: Simple user guidance and operation via digital display

Leister's UNIROOF AT/ST - Roof welding close to the edge made easy

The new UNIROOF AT/ST roof welder is your flexible partner for welding thermoplastic roofing membranes on flat or pitched roofs (up to 30°). Thanks to its slim design and construction, as well as the movable transport axle converting of the machine is no longer needed. Now, you can effortlessly weld close to the edge (to 100 mm ) at the parapet or on the parapet and as easily in narrow circumstances. 

  • No converting: Thanks to the movable transport axle the UNIROOF masters welding closte to edge at or on top of the parapet. 

  • Swiss Quality you can rely on. 

  • The direct-driven, maintenance-free pressure wheel [drive motor integrated in pressure wheel] leads to clearly optimized overall performance and is easy to service. 

  • Field tested design for ergonomic handling, flexible relocating and optimal machine guiding. 

  • Greater efficiency at construction sites: The new UNIROOF class brings an additional 38% (ST) to 66% (AT) higher welding performance compared to similar machines. 

  • Welding roof structure profiles with special profile kit. 

Radius welding with UNIROOF AT/ ST

Single Ply Roof Membrane Welding with the LEISTER Triac ST

Handiness, reliability and versatility are the key arguments in favor of the TRIAC ST. Its two-component handle gives users perfect grip, while the low weight of less than a kg ensures optimum weight balance. The  innovative motor and turbine design, combined with the heating element familiar from the TRIAC AT, enhance  the value even more. More than 80 nozzles fit onto the TRIAC ST; these are also compatible with the TRIAC AT and TRIAC S. 

  • 100% Swiss made quality 

  • 60 years of expertise in making hot-air tools – brought together in the new TRIAC ST 

  • The sturdy, professional hot-air tool that weighs less than 1 kg/2.18 lbs 

  • Functional design: two-component handle grip and optimum center of gravity ensure ergonomic working 

  • Quick clean air filters 

  • Automatic carbon stop (collector protection) and heating element protection 


Check out the Roof Structure Profile Kit - Now available in the US! Buy Now!

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