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Labor Central

Connecting Roofing Crews and Contractors Quickly and Simply.

Labor Central is an on-demand labor marketplace connecting roofing contractors to roofing crews. Our platform matches contractors with crews that have profiles and ratings to quickly help find and connect with them all in one place.

Labor Central is focused on one thing: Developing an industry-changing solution for contractors and crews to work better together.

Labor Central is headquartered in Texas, founded by three roofing industry professionals with over 45 years of expertise. From rooftop to technical, manufacturing, distribution and marketing, Labor Central has a vision to create an environment that roofers can get behind!

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Looking for Labor in all the Right Places

In this RoofersCoffeeShop® special RLW®, Heidi J. Ellsworth meets with experts from Labor Central and SRS Distribution to discuss how technology is creating solutions for the industry. Finding labor has become one of the biggest challenges in the industry, and as with everything today, technology is playing a role in finding solutions. SRS has teamed up with Labor Central to offer a one-stop solution for labor when you are bidding jobs. This technology is helping contractors find available crews to fit project needs, and you’ll get to hear firsthand from a contractor who has successfully used this technology. You won’t want to miss this special RLW so you can learn about all the innovative ways technology is changing the roofing industry and expanding the labor market, in addition to how you can incorporate this app to fit all your labor needs. 

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Get 10 Free Searches for Crews in Your Area

Labor Central is the only online tool designed to quickly connect roofing contractors and crews without a middleman so you can control the future of your business. Our unique CREWHUB platform provides labor connections all in one spot.

Simply sign up, no credit card required, and you will automatically get 10 free searches.

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How it Works

Search. Find. Connect. For Contractors and Crews! You chose how to connect!

Search Model

Project Model

Why Labor Central?

To empower, educate, and centralize Contractors and Roofers alike to do work better together.

“Labor Central brings to crews the opportunity to find work opportunities while providing contractors a labor pool with profiled crews and services to hire in one spot. Win-Win.”

No more searching the web, back-alley handshakes, Craig’s list or Facebook only to find disappointment. Save time and energy getting crews signed up and ready to go today by viewing profiles and qualifications quickly.

Labor Central brings you hundreds of quality roofing crews ready to bid and perform the work you need on your projects! Commercial, residential - PVC, shingle, metal and many other roof types - crews are waiting for your project to connect with!

Learn more.

What We Provide

Contractors are always looking for quality crews. We have hundreds of contractors in our system looking for YOU. Without Labor Central, you are on your own to find work, and collect payment. Labor Central provides endless project opportunities to bid, secure payment processing, lien support services, and repeat business.


  • Unlimited crew access

  • Unlimited work opportunities

  • Centralized recruiting

  • 24 hour/7 Days a week

  • Crew/Contractor profiles and ratings

  • Simple messaging platform

  • Hire Local

  • Rate and feedback

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