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Kool Seal

Leaders in Cool Roofs for Over a Century

Celebrating 100 years of operation, Kool Seal Reflective Roof Coatings is a leader in the reflective roof coating market. These products are designed to protect a building’s roof as well as reduce interior temperature and save energy.

We are proud to celebrate our 100 years of operation and look forward to continually exceeding our customer’s needs and expectations.

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New product: Kool Seal® Bleed Blocker Primer

Kool Seal Bleed Blocker Primer is a high performance waterborne epoxy for use with Tundra silicone coating.

This product is used as a primer to create a smooth, fully adhered substrate prior to application of Tundra Silicone coating.

Application of the primer helps to prevent bleed through over asphaltic substrates and improves long term performance and durability.

Features and Benefits
• Helps reduce bleed through
• Prepares surface for silicone coatings
• Promotes adhesion

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Kool Seal's Hertitage

Kool Seal has been a Trusted Brand in Roof Coatings for over 100 Years!

 Established in 1906 with a focus on roof protection, restoration, and innovation. we have been leading the industry since then in innovation, quality, and cutting-edge technology!

•First Aluminum Reflective Roof Coating

•First Elastomeric Reflective Roof Coating

•These are staples in the roof coatings industry!

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Kool Seal® Tundra® Rubberized Roof Coating

Kool Seal® Tundra® is the solution for building owners looking for roof coating that provides ponding water resistance. It's a premium silicone rubber roof coating designed to provide protection against leaks caused by ponding water. The monolithic coating provides a seamless rubberized layer of protection to low-slope and moderate-slope (<3:12 pitch) roofs.

Learn more about Kool Seal® Tundra®.


Kool Seal® Premium Elastomeric Finish Coat

Kool Seal® Premium Elastomeric Finish Coat (KS0063900) is formulated using a 100% acrylic polymer that
provides outstanding adhesion and superior reflectivity. Formulated to resist cracking and peeling, Kool Seal®
Premium Elastomeric Finish Coats provide excellent waterproofing capabilities.

Features and benefits:
• 12-year warranty
• Premium performance that renews most roofing types
• Reflects heat and harmful UV rays
• Protects against the elements, extending the life of the roof

Learn more about Kool Seal® Premium Elastomeric Finish.


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