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Boone Brothers Roofing

Boone Brothers Roofing has been one of the premier roofing contractors in the Midwest for over fifty years. Personal service and low employee turnover are
two of the key factors in the continuing success of our company, along with a reputation for quality work. Boone Brothers has a solid reputation for being responsible, reliable and trustworthy.

Project foremen supervise each job and are always accessible to clients.
Our low employee turnover has created an experienced workforce as well as a
multi-talented workforce. Boone Brothers Roofing is committed to providing the highest possible standards of quality and safety. The same dedication that goes into providing our clients with the finest roofing system available also ensures that all work is performed under strict safety guidelines.

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Roofing Systems

Board Insulations

Provide roofing systems with thermal resistance value, protect the roofing membrane by acting as a separator from a structure’s rough surface; or, in re-roofing the board may act as a new base for a new roofing membrane (re-cover).

Single-Ply Roofing

Single Ply Membrane Roofing (low-slope applications) provides excellent detailing components for roofs with many penetrations. They have the versatility for quality tie-ins to different surfacing or odd shapes.

Built-Up Roofing

Where pedestrian traffic is high, a BUR roof system has no equal. A BUR roofing membrane is constructed on the roof by combining layers of materials (roll goods) together and in total they act as the roofing membrane.

Green Roofing

Garden Roofs are cool, but "Cool Roofs" have been green roofing’s huge step forward in the area of solar reflectivity, reducing radiant heating.

Steep Slope

Whether it an asphalt shingle or a ceramic tile, shingles, slate and tile applications are shedding systems not waterproofing systems.

Roof Terraces

Pavers add functionality and beauty to roof spaces while pedestal roof terraces offer water navigation underneath as well as leveling.

Learn more about our roofing systems.

Metal Systems

Metal Roofing

Metal Roof Panels start with the traditional corrugated, exposed fastener panel that has been updated with today's designs and finishes. Kynar baked-on finishes (in all colors) with twenty to thirty-year warrantees coupled with modern concealed fastener panel profiles have allow metal roofing to be accepted as a common attractive feature on all types of buildings.

Wall Panel Systems

Metal Wall Panels have been researched, tested and developed for a variety of performance applications and aesthetic impacts. These perform many functions from screen walls that hide mechanical equipment to rain screens designed to allow walls to breathe while providing a weather-tight wall system cover.

Architectural Sheet-Metal Flashings & Trim

Sheet-Metal Trim - Wherever trim is installed in a roofing system commonly one of two things have occurred, a roofing system has been terminated, or there has been a change in the slope or profile of a roof or wall. Correctly designed and installed detail work is imperative to the system's long-term success. It is in these areas of a roofing system where our fifty years of experience in both design and workmanship pays off.

Specialty Items

Covering aging soffits and fascias with modern prefinished metal cladding helps return the luster back to your building's exterior appearance. Cladding signs, Ornamental Metalwork all add to your buildings appeal.

Learn more about our metal systems.

Service & Maintenance


Quickly dispatched, we can have one of our service crews repair your leak before more damage occurs restoring your roof to good working condition.


Our service department will help you maintain your roof by inspecting and repairing minor defects found during routine roof inspections before problems occur.

Emergency Services

Our team is on call - 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. A fully equipped service department ready to respond to any roof emergency, at any time, and in any of our service areas.

Roof Connect

Our association, our national roofing company with 60 other independent, commercial and industrial roofing contractors servicing customers in all 50 states.

Learn more about our services.


Our Commitment

Boone Brothers Roofing is committed to the highest standards of safety performance possible. An organized and effective safety program is developed for each job location. We comply with all federal and state safety regulations.

RCCS Insurance

Boone Brothers Roofing is a partnered member of the Roofing Contractors Committed to Safety (RCCS) Insurance Company. Together, in 2004, Boone Brothers Roofing along with twenty-five of the top roofing contractors in the country came together as founding members to form a captive insurance company committed to quality and safety in a continuing effort to take roofing safety to the next level.

Learn more about our commitment to safety.

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