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RCSI - Technology Stack

Drew Smith Technology

From Leads to Estimates to Project Management, This Company Has a Tech Solution Every Step of the Way

RCS Influencer Drew Smith says that technology is used every day and on every job from start to finish at Brad Smith Roofing. At Brad Smith Roofing, we have found success using several different programs that all work together to help us run the business. Those programs are: JobNimbus EagleView CompanyCam Clock Shark QuickBooks GPS TrackIt We researched ...

Heidi Ellsworth Technology Stack

Finding the Right Combination of Tech for your Business is an Ongoing Process

RCS Influencer Heidi J. Ellsworth says to take the time to constantly evaluate your company’s software. What is our technology stack at the Coffee Shop? Well let me tell you, it has changed a lot in the last three years. First of all, when we asked our RCS Influencers ...

Wendy Marvin Technology Stack

Use Technology as Leverage to Grow your Business

RCS Influencer Wendy Marvin says that when considering technology, ask around. Technology is the leverage we use in our roofing businesses. It can administer tasks faster, store data, provide calculations, and so much more. Technology and all the changes and headaches that it can bring, is necessary for a growing ...

Jon Stantz Technology Stack

Roofing Contractors Cannot be Complacent about Technology

RCS Influencer Jon Stantz says getting the team to embrace technology is a big part of the process. When I started with Pell Roofing, we were basically doing build-up roofs, which the company had been doing since 1938. In the last 20 years, that has completely changed, and we do ...

Carla Sims Technology Stack

Technology Within the Website

RCS Influencer Carla B. Sims says that as an association, their most powerful technology tool is their website and yours can be too. Carolinas Roofing and Sheet Metal Contractor’s Association, Inc. (CRSMCA) is a trade organization for the roofing and sheet metal industry within the Carolinas. As an association, we ...

Mike Hicks Technology Stack

The Right Technology Stack Allows us to Meet Customers’ Expectations in Terms of Professionalism and Useful Information

RCS Influencer Mike Hicks says that better information = better decision making. Much of what we use in our day-to-day business operation at Hicks Industrial Roofing is old. Custom applications that I built in MS Office Suite software in the early 90's, and have continued to tweak over the decades, ...

Ken Kelly- Technology Stack

Take the First Step to Get Your Business in the Cloud – You’ll be Glad You Did

RCS influencer Ken Kelly talks about the first step a company should take to make the digital transformation. In this video, Ken explains how his business made the leap into the cloud and the benefits that his business realized from taking that first step. You can watch the video here or ...

Charles Antis- Technology Stack

Technology Stacks Need to Be Able to Communicate and Integrate with Each Other for Success

RCS Influencer Charles Antis interviews Antis Roofing Chief Operation Officer to share more about the technology stacks that she has implemented within the company. Charles Antis of Antis Roofing loves technology but when it comes to implementing it, he trusts his COO, Karen Inman to put the solutions in place. In ...

Martin Stout Technology Stack

Technology is the Newest Roofing Tool

RCS Influencer Marty Stout says that technology is what makes his business model possible. It is amazing what technology has done for our lives and for our industry. I am old enough to remember doing all of our payroll in a three-ring binder with a pager for each guy. I also ...

Mike Pickel- Technology Stack

Technology can Help Support Your Business’ Growth

RCS Influencer Mike Pickel says that his company is trying to integrate more and more technology into their systems to help them keep up with growth and continue to be able to offer an outstanding customer experience. Mike Pickel’s company, Texas Traditions Roofing, is in it’s fifth year of business. ...

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