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MRA Repair warning

MRA Issues Repair and Rebuilding Warning in Hurricane Aftermath

Now that Hurricane Ian has passed, the Metal Roofing Alliance offers advice on ways to stay vigilant when hiring a contractor. The recovery effort from the damage caused by Hurricane Ian is sure to be a long, difficult road for many homeowners seeking to repair or rebuild. Unfortunately, the challenge can ...

DECRA Coastal Home

Trouble in Paradise? Not With Stone-coated Metal

By Trevor Underwood, DECRA Metal Roofing. With a roof that can withstand the elements, coastal living remains dreamy. Living on the coast might conjure images of breezy sea air and sunshine-filled beach days, but the reality is that living so close to the sea can take a huge toll on ...

Hurricane Ian price gouging

Hurricane Ian and Price Gouging

By Trent Cotney, Adams and Reese, LLP. Hurricane Ian has brought a myriad of legal issues to the forefront. One of the most important things for any contractor or supplier to remember during hurricane repairs is the Florida-specific, price gouging laws. Florida Statute 501.610, commonly referred to as the Price Gouging Statute, ...

Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian Roof Recovery Guide for Contractors

By Cass Jacoby. What to do after the storm now that Hurricane Ian is here! Hurricane Ian is making landfall as we write this, but luckily RoofersCoffeeShop® is here to help you respond to the storm! We’ve gathered some resources for contractors as well as those of us landlocked miles ...

John Kenney responding after the storm

Roofing Contractors Responding After the Storm

By John Kenney, Cotney Consulting Group. Here are what plans you should have in place for this hurricane season. As Ian passed through Florida, then regrouped off the east coast and headed to South Carolina, it reminded us in the industry that emergencies and disasters can strike anywhere, anytime, causing damage to ...

IKO Hurricane season guide

Hurricanes are Coming! Have You Set Your Clients up For Success?

By IKO. Educate your customers on how to protect their homes from hurricane season. Unfortunately, you can’t guarantee your customers a hurricane-proof roof. Even a roof with cutting-edge technology cannot fully defend against a hurricane. As a contractor, you know that homeowners depend on you to make sure that ...

APOC ICP Group hurrican prevention

5 Ways to Prepare a Roof for a Hurricane

By ICP Group. It is official, hurricane season is here! Have you prepared your homeowner’s roof? Hurricane season is amping up, with promises to be more unpredictable and intense than ever before. As a contractor, you know that hurricanes can cause major wind and water damage to the roof and ...

MARCO Prepare for Disaster

How to Prepare Your Customers for Disaster

By MARCO. Let your homeowners know that metal is a roofing material durable enough to handle hurricanes, earthquakes and fire. As hurricane season rounds the corner and the weather continues to get crazier, now is as good a time as ever to remind your customers about the resilience of metal ...

Polyglass Velociflex

A Roofing Solution for the Atlantic Hurricane Season

Protect your home with Polyglass solutions for hurricane preparedness. It’s that time of year again in the Northern Hemisphere when building owners, contractors, and homeowners living along the Eastern Seaboard and coastal areas of the Gulf of Mexico start wincing at the all-too-familiar phrase, “Hurricane Season.” June 1 to November 30 is ...

DaVinci wildfire urban interface

Understanding Wildland Urban Interface (WUI)

By DaVinci Roofscapes. Learn more about the WUI products and codes and how they apply to roofing. Nationwide wildfires are popping up in dry forest lands. Once thought of as restricted to just California, wildfires are now searing land across America. According to the National Interagency Fire Center, since January 1, 2022, there ...

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