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Why JobNimbus Has Become the Go-To CRM for my Roofing Business

JobNimbus CRM for Roofing Business
October 26, 2020 at 2:00 p.m.

By Joe Keller, Triangle Building Company.

One of the key traits that all successful companies have is organization, and JobNimbus delivers.

Organization applies to all facets of your business: front office, back office, sales team and production. If you’re not running as a highly organized, fine-tuned machine, you’re not only missing out on jobs, you may be messing up the ones you did close.  

When you’re first starting out, it’s tempting to simply use Excel or some other spreadsheet to organize your workload. I started that way myself. It’s even pretty easy to learn the basics of Excel. But the reality is that a simple spreadsheet that tracks job status, payments, commissions and all the other tasks and procedures in your office can become pretty cumbersome pretty quick. 

So, how do you get and stay organized? We use JobNimbus, a cloud-based CRM and project management platform. JobNimbus allows my team and I to see and manage our roofing jobs with interactive boards. It’s easy to organize and with a drag-and-drop feature that allows me to move and update jobs through the process I develop (and tweak along the way).

Here are the five features of JobNimbus that made it the go-to business solution for my office:

#1: Automations

Most CRMs allow for some automation, but JobNimbus is really a mile above. We have automations for almost every process in our workflow. When a sales rep moves a job to production, production is notified and a work order goes out automatically. When a job is finished, the project manager gets the link that generates our Certificate of Completion pre-loaded with the customer’s information. And the list goes on. As of this moment, I have 68 automations in JobNimbus alone!  

As I emphasize to my colleagues, these automations create time savings and lead to consistency. We don’t forget to do things on any job and we do it the same way each time. This saves me the headache of constantly hunting down information from my team and has allowed me to have a smaller administrative staff to manage the workload.

 #2: Trello board style

 JobNimbus makes it super easy to see how projects are progressing and allows for an easy visual inspection of job statuses.

 Depending on what your job scopes normally are, you may have anywhere from 5 to 50 buckets or statuses that a job can be in. If you’re juggling more than 5 or 10 projects at a time, keeping track of all those steps can be a nightmare. But with JobNimbus, you get an intuitive, visual “board” that represents all of those statuses, which your team can easily and quickly update as the job progresses.

 #3: The ability to break jobs down into boards

 You can have as many boards as needed based on what your workflow requires. I have a sales board, production board, backoffice board, and an escalations and warranty claims board. My production board is detailed, and yours should be too. In fact, we set it up in a way that each of our boards belong to a different team within the company. 

 The first board is for sales. Prospects eventually move to leads, leads move to contracts (which mirrors the same workflows you see in most sales pipelines). Jobs Sold then move to the production board, and Jobs Finished move to the admin board. It’s very linear, so it’s easy for us to organize hundreds of jobs with relative ease.

 #4: The ability to keep everything in one place 

 JobNimbus has features that allow for calendar management, task management, and team documents all from within the app. All of my contacts are in one, simple-to-use and easy-to-search place. The back office can then move these contacts - our customers - through the sales process. I can also see important notes and communications like emails and phone calls whenever I bring up a contact. 

 Remember, the more information you can store in your database - and the easier it is to access and utilize that information - the less administrative and IT staff you’ll need. This lowers overhead and puts more money in your pocket. For teams that need a one-size-fits-all database that touches all of the major organizational points, JobNimbus is a great option.

 #5: Simplicity 

I’m a roofer, not an IT Professional. The first thing that’s going to make me move to a new platform or system is if it’s complicated to set up and rollout. JobNimbus is easy to get working with right out of the box. I have a moderate amount of computer background and I figured it out with no issues. JobNimbus also has a great training series that includes step-by-step videos, making it easy for smaller shops to build out the platform themselves. 

It’s nearly impossible to grow your company without making every facet of your business efficiently organized. Every business is different, but there’s no doubt that every business can benefit from a CRM system that keeps you focused on workflows from a customer-based perspective. I trust JobNimbus with my company, and I’d be happy to show you how it can work for your company, too!


Learn More About JobNimbus Roofing Software

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