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Tips on Building a New Roofing Business

DaVinci Building a New Roofing Business
March 14, 2022 at 6:00 a.m.

By DaVinci Roofscapes.  

Learn from Scott Kim about how he used composite roofing to help start his roofing company. 

Supply and demand issues are difficult right now in the roofing industry. So, what would give Scott Kim the confidence to start his own roofing company in 2021? Along with his vast experience, Kim credits his “secret weapon” - composite roofing. 

“There’s an untapped market in my area related to residential roofing, especially where composites are concerned,” says Kim, president of WGM Contracting out of Arlington, Virginia. “We’re filling the need for a high-end composite product offering. While we also offer asphalt and metal roofing, it makes sense for homeowners to consider composites.” 

“In this area we have a great deal of hail. When installing impact-resistant composite roofing like DaVinci Roofscapes, my homeowners can get a long-term, year-after-year discount on their homeowner insurance. The beauty is there. The Class A fire and Class 4 impact ratings are there. The low maintenance is there. This product is bringing business to us.” 

There’s a difference in composites 

After less than seven months in business, Kim’s team has installed five DaVinci jobs. His confidence in the product comes from working with his previous company, where he installed the composite product on a townhouse community and an award-winning shopping center project. 

“The best thing I can tell you is what my installers tell me,” says Kim. “The composite products feel stronger when they’re being cut or nailed. There’s a difference in the thickness of the DaVinci pieces we install. The back of the DaVinci tiles is a masterpiece of engineering. We know they’re going to lie flat, with no curling or splitting long-term.” 

Selling composites 

To showcase the durability of DaVinci products, Kim takes samples to the homes of potential customers. He physically shows them how the roofing product can handle anything. Then he poses them with this question: “Why put on a roof today of cedar or asphalt that you’ll have to replace in 10-15 years, when a composite roofing will last for 50 years or more?” 

Another selling tip Kim recommends is simply doing the math. “Look at the composite products versus asphalt shingles,” says Kim. “They’re widely available in the marketplace without a tremendous lead time. Pricing is very competitive. And they are guaranteed to hold up while adding beauty to a project. These are important factors for both a roofer and the homeowner.” 

One homeowner who liked what he heard from Kim is Tony Melita. In need of replacing his 25-year-old asphalt shingle roof, he agreed to Kim’s suggestion of a DaVinci Single-Width Slate roof for his home. 

Melita is pleased with the finished project. “Scott’s pricing was very competitive,” says Melita. “He had great references. I liked his honesty, sincerity and knowledge of the roofing industry, and of DaVinci products and its' installation in particular. 

“The DaVinci roof absolutely adds to my property’s curb appeal. I couldn’t be more pleased. Without hesitation, I will recommend both DaVinci roofing materials and WGM Contracting to my friends and neighbors in the future!” 

Building credibility, building business 

As Kim moves forward in building his business, he’s taking steps to educate homeowners on composite roofing. “The more my clients understand composites, the stronger my business grows,” says Kim. “Associating with DaVinci has helped build my credibility in the marketplace. Their product has a great reputation. More than that, their people make the difference.  

“It’s not unusual for a DaVinci sales rep to turn up at one of my project sites. They’re there to teach my installers new methods. And, homeowners appreciate the manufacturer being on site. It’s a teamwork attitude. Most importantly, this serves as a type of “quality control” to make sure the project goes smoothly from every perspective. 

“Combine all these factors together and my business is off to a smart, steady start. Other roofers can do the same thing. Analyze your marketplace potential for composites. Connect with a reliable manufacturer. Get your crew knowledgeable on installation techniques. Then start selling projects that will bring you profits!” 

For more insights on building your business with composites, check out our free Read Listen Watch: "How to Incorporate Composite Roofing Into Your Business".  

Learn more about DaVinci Roofscapes in their RoofersCoffeeShop® Directory or visit DaVinciRoofscapes.com.


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