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This Women-led Roofing Company is Changing the Game!

RCS Meta Team
February 20, 2022 at 3:00 p.m.

By Evelyn Witterholt, RCS Reporter. 

Learn how this roofing solutions company is sweeping the nation in just two years. 

Meta Team LLC has been up and running since 2020, but in the short span of two years has accomplished a lot! The company is a collaborative effort between multiple women-owned roofing companies to streamline roofing solutions for clients across the nation. They aim to transform the construction experience through their CARE values: community, action, respect and ethics. 

Meta was created by four roofing companies and each of its founders represent a different region of the United States. While their headquarters are in Georgia, Meta currently provides roofing services in 22 states. Their goal is to offer services all over the nation in the near future. They offer commercial and industrial solutions that live up to the highest standards. Meta is constantly raising the bar through strong safety practices, use of innovative technology and constant training. 

Meta’s services include: 

  • Reroofing 

  • New construction 

  • Solar roofing 

  • Design-build construction 

  • Repair and maintenance 

Among their impressive leadership is Kelly Van Winkle, current vice president of The Roofing Alliance, the foundation of the National Roofing Contractors Association. Kelly joins many other women working for Meta as a leader, a founder and a partner. Together, this all-women leadership team, along with their 169 employees, offer clients over 250 years of collective experience in the roofing industry. 

Meta understands that clients not only want diverse and innovative results, they expect it. That’s why their mission is to get clients connected to diverse roofing contractors who are highly qualified to get the job done right. All Meta Team partners are licensed applicators for major roofing product manufacturers. No matter the job, the Meta Team has the right company for it. 

The Meta Team has experience in working with many facility types, including: 

  • Airports 

  • Data centers  

  • Distribution and manufacturing facilities 

  • Educational facilities 

  • High-rise buildings 

  • Hospitals and medical centers  

  • Large industrial facilities and warehouses 

  • Office complexes 

  • Retail centers 

  • Sky rises 

  • Sporting arenas 

No matter what project, Meta Team always has its clients and partners best interests in mind. They are constantly working to strengthen communities and provide better futures for everyone in the industry. They maintain the expectation that this industry represents all genders, ethnicities, identities, abilities and cultures. 

Learn more about Meta Team LLC by visiting their website here!

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