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The RIDGEPRO® - We’re All About Safety

RIDGEPRO all about safety
September 1, 2023 at 4:00 p.m.


Here's how you can use The RIDGEPRO to enhance your safe roofing practices.

Most people who have worked on rooftops for a number of years will admit to having some close calls or will talk about a fellow roofer who was injured in a fall. In our family business, we’ve seen these near misses and even had a couple ourselves. Once realized, the ever-present danger of falling changed our thinking about safety and we decided to do something about it. That’s how The RIDGEPRO® came to be. We saw a problem that needed a strong, adjustable and easy-to-use solution so we designed The RIDGEPRO, the premium device for steep-slope roofing safety. 

Roofing work is dangerous under almost any conditions but particularly when the roof is shingled and at a pitch greater than 6/12. Remember: gravity doesn’t care if you are up there for five minutes or five hours. Always wear a safety vest with a harness and lifeline when working at height because even for quick inspections or short jobs, workers need fall protection. The RIDGEPRO is our unique, patented roof safety device with a standard integrated rope and harness connection capability for roof fall protection on steep-slope roofs. It was field tested for two years and verified by a professional testing laboratory before going to market. 

The RIDGEPRO is made in the USA from aircraft grade (6061-T6) solid aluminum so you can count on its quality and durability. Here’s how it works: 

  • Check the roof pitch with an accurate pitch and slope indicator. Don’t “eyeball it.” Be sure. 
  • Assemble The RIDGEPRO and match the designated roof pitch to the number on the unit. 
  • Lock in the pitch with the steel pin. 
  • Attach your extension pole and lock it in with the pin on The RIDGEPRO. 
  • Clip your lifeline to the pre-installed shackle on the unit. 
  • Hang The RIDGEPRO from the gutter or your ladder at roof level. 
  • Climb the ladder until your belt is even with The RIDGEPRO. 
  • Make sure the wheels of The RIDGEPRO are facing the roof then push your extension pole until the unit reaches the roof peak. 
  • Flip The RIDGEPRO over so it straddles the ridge and tug firmly on the lanyard to set the unit into place. NOTE: The RIDGEPRO does not depend on the ridge peak for stability. Its engineered arch firmly straddles the peak. 
  • Transition yourself to the roof using a lifeline rope grab. 
  • Attach four 5/16” x 1½” lag screws through the pre-drilled holes on the plate of The RIDGEPRO to create a secure tie-off. NOTE: Use The RIDGEPRO without lag screws for quick inspections with up to 30 degrees of horizontal movement on the wheel side of the roof only. Once The RIDGEPRO is directly mounted with lag screws, you can access the entire roof surface. 

Cross-industry versatility 

Roofers, solar panel installers, home inspectors, pest control technicians, chimney repair workers and holiday light installers all need and deserve the best roof safety and fall protection products available. Lower their risk and connect workers to the roof before they even step off the ladder. 

There are still too many roof-related accidents and falls. At The RIDGEPRO, our mission is to dramatically reduce the number of falls and fatalities in steep-slope roofing operations. Join our mission and stay safe up there. 

Learn more about The RIDGEPRO® in their Coffee Shop Directory or visit www.theridgepro.com.

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