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The Real Deal on Sharing Roofing Content that Works

LMH Sharing Content
September 14, 2023 at 3:00 a.m.

By LMH Agency. 

The importance of sharing your roofing content and how to use it to improve your marketing reach. 

Feeling like you need to reinvent the wheel to market your company? Does making content feel terrifying and like no one will care? We encourage you to think again.  

The key to digital marketing is less about being the biggest and boldest in the industry and more about communicating to the exact right audiences with words they already use and content they enjoy. 

This article explores creating and sharing content across your various platforms so you can maximize your reach within your budget. Let’s dive in! 

What is a content ecosystem? 

Regardless of whether your business focuses on the automotive industry, home services or legal issues, a strong content marketing strategy can increase awareness of your company while saving you hours of time spent creating. 

You can create an individual blog post, social media post, landing page, and podcast, or you can create one piece of content and turn it into ten so it can be shared across platforms. That’s the beauty of a content ecosystem. It’s more sustainable, way more practical, and keeps dollars for marketing lean while going the distance to hit your goals. 

Building a content ecosystem strategy means that you get more intentional by using content across all of your media and marketing channels when you create something worthwhile to your community of prospects and customers. You might write an entire article about your latest services but use key points from the article to make posts on your social media platforms. You might then also decide to make a long-form video about that blog and share it on YouTube. We’re all about keeping it simple. 

So, be sure to pay attention to what’s resonating in your community and create more of that. Use the 80/20 rule (20% of your content will bring in 80% of the results so always double down on what works). Your personal opinions and experiences are awesome, and they can also prevent you from truly making content that attracts viewers and, ultimately, customers. 

Why is a content ecosystem important? 

Having a content ecosystem is essential because it can increase your reach and give you back so much of your time.  

When you create content that you can use across all your media outlets, you save yourself time and energy of constant creation.  

Your viewers and prospects want consistency when they go to their social media platform of choice, and they also want to see similar content on your website. While quick and flashy might work for some media channels, many consumers today want to be well-informed on products and services.  

Our advice is to create content that actually makes a difference in their lives or gets them to think about something in a new way that could truly benefit them. 

How to make a content ecosystem 

1 - Support the user experience 

No matter where your customers or prospects see your content, you want to ensure that the content supports their experience and that they have a positive interaction with you. You want them to leave every interaction they have with you feeling a little more empowered, inspired, or confident in their choices. Consider the audiences of your different platforms, how old they might be, and how you can tailor what you share to reach a wider audience. 

2 - Optimize content 

Your audience goes to your website or social media account to search for specific information. Even if it’s just a few people coming to your digital space, make sure that your content is made so that viewers leave with the information they need to decide if they want to work with you or purchase your products or services.  

Again, keep it simple, and make things you think can really help people. Another good way to look at it is to think about who you want to talk to and give them what you have to say. 

3 - Choose the right topics and tools 

Before creating your content ecosystem, analyze your business and your audiences across platforms. Think about what information potential customers might seek when researching topics connected with your company. If you use content based on what your clients want, they’re more likely to take advantage of what you offer. Take advantage of tools like Trello, Asana or Notion to plan a few great pieces of content every month and hire contractors or a team who can break down every piece and funnel it into your website, email, advertising and social channels. There’s a lot you can automate with a solid process and good tools. 

To recap, creating a content ecosystem simplifies your life, vastly improves your marketing, and offers useful content for your audience and customers. With each post you create moving forward, ask yourself how you can use the content across all of your digital marketing. Get at us if you need help! 

Original article source: LMH Agency

Learn more about LMH Agency in their Coffee Shop Directory or visit LMH.Agency.

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