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The Next Technology Revolution - PODCAST TRANSCRIPT

The Next Technology Revolution - PODCAST TRANSCRIPT
February 3, 2024 at 12:00 p.m.

Editor's note: The following is the transcript of a live interview with John Van Beek of Labor Central and Jack Gottesman of IKO. You can read the interview below, listen to the podcast or watch the recording.

Heidi J Ellsworth: Hello and welcome back. We are at the International Roofing Expo in Las Vegas, and we are on Hot Conversations Live Soundstage sponsored by SRS. So excited. My name is Heidi Ellsworth and this is a live RLW with our friends from IKO and Labor Central. We have Jack and John. I'm so excited.

Jack Gottesman: Good morning, Heidi.

Heidi J Ellsworth: We're going to have a real RLW right here.

Jack Gottesman: Fantastic.

John Van Beek: Hi.

Jack Gottesman: It's great to see you. Thanks for having us.

Heidi J Ellsworth: I know.

Jack Gottesman: We're kicking off the show, strong.

Heidi J Ellsworth: I'm so excited. I'm so excited. So, Jack?

Jack Gottesman: Yes?

Heidi J Ellsworth: Can you start out with an introduction? I love your introductions, by the way.

Jack Gottesman: Sure. My introduction. You got it. My name is Jack, and these are two of my best friends. I am on the marketing team. I'm a Director on the marketing team, over at IKO. I'm overseeing residential roofing for North America, and also our Roof Pro loyalty program, which is where we have partnered with Labor Central. And I know it's not kind to brag, you're supposed to be humble, but we were the first manufacturer to partner with Labor Central.

John Van Beek: Yes, you are.

Jack Gottesman: And that's something that we're very proud of and something that we want to celebrate here this morning.

Heidi J Ellsworth: I don't think that's bragging. I think that's smart.

Jack Gottesman: Yes, exactly.

Heidi J Ellsworth: Smart marketing.

Jack Gottesman: Agreed.

Heidi J Ellsworth: Smart, yes. And I love smart marketing. I love it when we... Being a thought leader, being upfront, really working. So John, please introduce yourself, and Labor Central.

John Van Beek: Yeah, my name's John Van Beek. I'm the Chief Revenue Officer with Labor Central. Labor Central, we're going to tell you all about it. Great, fantastic platform that connects roofers with install crews.

Heidi J Ellsworth: Yes. So this is all about the next technology revolution. I had to get my glasses on. I've got a little cheat sheet here, but this is the next technology revolution. I have to tell you, I've been involved with Labor Central. This really is the next thing. This is how we're bringing the industry together, and so it's technology, John, but it's more, it's a cultural shift.

John Van Beek: Yep, absolutely.

Heidi J Ellsworth: A cultural shift for us through technology, which we love. I want to start with that, the culture of the industry right now. We have a labor shortage. We know it, but on the other side of it, we all say this, we have a labor shortage, we know, but on the other side of it, do we really? Do we really have a labor shortage? John, what do you think?

John Van Beek: That's a very, very interesting question, because if you look at the roofing industry currently, mainly looking at the residential market, 95% of all residential roofing contractors use install crews, 1099, to do the project. So what you have is, you've got residential contractors employing install crews, but there are very few contractors that can keep install crews busy every day. And all that that install crew wants to do, is they want to bang shingles, get paid and go home. So what happens, is that install crew then goes and works for another contractor, and hence the contractor who wants to use them can't, because they're busy. So is there a labor shortage?

Heidi J Ellsworth: Yeah, you can't get your normal crew, but are there others?

John Van Beek: There are many others.

Heidi J Ellsworth: Right. I'm going to go a little bit off track here, but we are seeing a number of contract roofing companies that are starting to make a little bit of a shift. Whereas before they were really strong in sales and marketing, but now they may be looking at what's happening out there, and they're like, "We're just going to go install. This is where we're really great, we're install." So not only do you have your traditional installation crews, but you're starting to see some companies that are starting to shift that way. Are you seeing that a little bit with your companies?

Jack Gottesman: Yes, we are. I mean, we have Roof Pros from across North America and what we want to offer them is a way to accomplish their goals, which happened to coincide with our goals. The more IKO shingles, the better. So we want to make sure if they have a challenge with labor, or if they are expanding into new markets.

That's one of the most exciting ways that our Roof Pros have utilized Labor Central, is that as they continue to grow with us, they go into new markets that they perhaps don't know as well, to be able to just snap your fingers and get a roofing crew. Not so easy, if you don't have contacts there or experience working there. So by utilizing the amazing service that Labor Central provides, our Roof Pros are able to continue to grow their business. And/or, if they are reprioritizing what they do, they now have a way by using Labor Central to be able to focus on that, and accomplish those goals.

Heidi J Ellsworth: Let's just talk about that a little bit, because I want everyone to understand what we're talking about as we go through this. So John, Labor Central. Explain how it works.

John Van Beek: You are absolutely right. There's so much technology in the roofing business currently, right?

Heidi J Ellsworth: Yeah.

John Van Beek: From getting your lead, to marketing, to doing the close with a homeowner, to visual aids, to aerial measurements, to visualizers where you can change the color of the roof. There's all this stuff, and now there's a technology solution for labor, whereas before there was not. So now, instead of saying to the homeowner, "Hey, when can you come and do my roof?"

"Let me get back to you." You can say, "Hey, we'll be the next week."

Heidi J Ellsworth: Yeah, exactly. Exactly.

John Van Beek: Labor Central has a huge database. I think we were over 2000 and more individual install crews, which could vary in size between five and 20 people. So we've got a huge database, and the way it works is that you as a contractor would register on laborcentral.com/IKO and you have to become a-

Jack Gottesman: IKO Roof Pro.

John Van Beek: A Roof Pro.

Heidi J Ellsworth: Which you want to be anyway.

Jack Gottesman: Of course. Who wouldn't?

Heidi J Ellsworth: Yeah, exactly. Exactly.

John Van Beek: So, once you sign up, you have two ways to search for crews. An easy way is to basically look for a crew by city, state and then you start identifying what you want from that crew. What size of crew? Do you want them to be OSHA certified? Do you want them to have Workman's Comp liability insurance? The size of crew. Once you stipulate everything, which really takes two minutes, you post and you'll get a list of install crews that match everything you're looking for. But the one that we like the most, is post a project, because the more information you give an install crew, the less communication you have with them and the faster you can make the deal, the faster they can do the project.

With post a project, you would download your aerial measurement report, put it in there and all the other details that you would have when you are looking for a crew would be there, too. But that gives that install crew so much more information. Where it's located. Is it a one story, two story? What size is it? And then that really diminishes that sort of communication that you have with crews.

They then in turn text you back, saying, "Yes, I'm available," because on that post a project, you're going to say a start and an end date. They're going to come back and say, "Yes, I'm available," and then you in turn, can check their profile to make sure that's the crew you want, and then away you go. Just like that. Easy.

Heidi J Ellsworth: And I know it's not exactly Uber, but we have gotten used to, we're kind of an Uber, Amazon-

Jack Gottesman: On demand, right? Right on demand. I want it, and I want it quick.

Heidi J Ellsworth: Exactly. We're that society now.

Jack Gottesman: For sure.

Heidi J Ellsworth: And so, this is making that opportunity happen.

Jack Gottesman: Yes.

Heidi J Ellsworth: Roof measurements, John and I have a little history there.

John Van Beek: Exactly.

Heidi J Ellsworth: Roof measurements, crews, product, amazing product that can all be ordered, and all be put into one place, to make it really an amazing customer experience for your customers, for the homeowners and building owners.

Jack Gottesman: Correct, and more work for people, which is also an incredible thing. That is what also makes us proud, is that if we can have some small hand in creating more American jobs and getting people busy, helping people, helping people grow their livelihood. Oh my gosh, that's the best.

Heidi J Ellsworth: That's one of the things I love about this platform, too. It's like we said, there are some amazing installation crew companies out there that are doing this every day, but there's also a lot of companies, like I said earlier, who maybe they're in an area that's a little soft right now.

Jack Gottesman: Yes.

Heidi J Ellsworth: They can go out, and they can be like, "Yeah," and they can find jobs.

Jack Gottesman: Correct, yes.

John Van Beek: And work, get paid.

Jack Gottesman: Yes.

Heidi J Ellsworth: I think is such a win across the board.

Jack Gottesman: I couldn't agree more because roofing is amazing. You meet people who perhaps are not familiar with our industry. I'm sure you guys are like me. You just can't help get excited about talking about the things and the trends that we're seeing in our industry, and the fact that we're also working together with you guys-

John Van Beek: Exactly.

Jack Gottesman: ... to help create jobs, help people put food on their table, support their families. The best.

John Van Beek: Find a solution.

Jack Gottesman: Yeah.

Heidi J Ellsworth: Find a solution. So Jack, how with IKO being the first-

Jack Gottesman: Yes.

Heidi J Ellsworth: ... to partner.

John Van Beek: Yes.

Heidi J Ellsworth: I remember the press release; I know it's everything. So talk a little bit about what are you seeing with Roof Pro? How is this culturally working within your contractors, obviously within your amazing program. Give us a little bit of a feel for that.

Jack Gottesman: Well, one way that it's working within the program is that we have brought John to speak at our Profit Power seminars-

John Van Beek: Yep.

Heidi J Ellsworth: Awesome.

Jack Gottesman: ... across the country. I think you've been to two of them-

John Van Beek: Yes.

Jack Gottesman: ... so far, and you're speaking at... These profit power events that we do, we do six every year across North America, and they are events usually at minor league baseball stadiums-

Heidi J Ellsworth: Wow.

Jack Gottesman: ... or somewhere fun. We did go-karting when we were in Montreal, and we're going to do axe throwing in a couple of weeks, also in Canada. But we do these events across the US and Canada. They are for our Roof Pros. We usually get about a hundred people to come out and hear from IKO, hear from our partners. We like to brag about the amazing services that we have.

So we have brought Labor Central out to meet with our people, to get in front of them so that they could utilize the solution. It's been so successful for Roof Pow that we are taking the shows that we do across North America, and bringing that here to our booth at the IRE, in Vegas.

Heidi J Ellsworth: Wow, wow.

Jack Gottesman: So, we're having a mini–Profit Power today and tomorrow at our booth, and John's going to be one of our speakers, which is really cool.

Heidi J Ellsworth: That is great.

Jack Gottesman: I'll be there at three, come on by.

Heidi J Ellsworth: So, if you're watching this on YouTube, which I hope you are right now, and you're here at the IRE show, tell us again what time?

Jack Gottesman: Absolutely. Three o'clock today, right?

John Van Beek: Three o'clock.

Heidi J Ellsworth: Three o'clock today, at booth?

Jack Gottesman: At booth IKO.

Heidi J Ellsworth: IKO-

Jack Gottesman: 6907, probably.

John Van Beek: The big one.

Jack Gottesman: Look it up. Yeah, the big, awesome one. The one with all the people there.

Heidi J Ellsworth: That's it. That's the one.

Jack Gottesman: Yes.

Heidi J Ellsworth: I love this culture because we just had a coffee conversation on, what, a couple weeks ago, and we talked about the labor shortage, and we also talked about the dark side of the labor shortage, that we are finding that not everyone is following safety. They're not all following regulations. If you haven't watched it, go watch it. It was great. Jason Stanley was on it. We had McKay Daniels, it was so good.

But I think it's this kind of technology and these kind of programs, that are bringing people together that they're saying, you know what?

Jack Gottesman: For sure.

Heidi J Ellsworth: Safety's number one.

Jack Gottesman: Yes.

Heidi J Ellsworth: Right? Talk a little bit about that.

Jack Gottesman: Yes. The keyword in Roof Pro, is it roof or is it pro? Right?

Heidi J Ellsworth: Yeah, yeah.

Jack Gottesman: You got to be safe.

Heidi J Ellsworth: So true.

Jack Gottesman: If you want to grow your business, you want to make sure that you're doing everything the right way, and obviously we have partners to help people also ensure that they're being safe on the roof, doing it the right way, and those are things that we promote as well.

When we created our Blueprint for Roofing series, which is a 19-video installment about soup to nuts, how to install a roof, we had one or two episodes directly dedicated to safety. And we encourage people to even go beyond the video, understand the rules and regulations of their local municipalities and where they are, to make sure that you could just go above and beyond. It's so easy to get lazy. It's easy to just assume that you know what you're doing, but people are one slip away from really just a very dangerous industry, so-

Heidi J Ellsworth: It is.

Jack Gottesman: ... yeah, rope up.

Heidi J Ellsworth: And we need to make that move for education.

Jack Gottesman: Yes.

Heidi J Ellsworth: And that's one of the things that I love about Labor Central. I'm bilingual. You are sending out texts in Spanish all the time. You're sharing information. I know about Pro Certification, about safety. Talk a little bit about the importance of that language.

John Van Beek: Yeah. Well, for us, Heidi, it's really about access to education. We're a partner with the NRCA. We're actually a partner with Informa, over here at the show. And really it's about bringing IKO, other manufacturers, the NRCA. There is so much information, and data, and videos, and tests you can take on all kinds of safety, OSHA, installation, lots of education that these install crews weren't aware of.

Heidi J Ellsworth: Exactly. They don't know.

John Van Beek: So, what we are doing is we're sending out text messages saying, "Hey, click this link. Go to the NRCA. Everything's in Spanish. You don't have to worry." NRCA has actually done a great amount of investment in actually building out the Latino pages in Spanish, which is fantastic. So that's what we are doing at Labor Central. We really want to provide those resources that are for free and easily available, that they're not aware of.

Heidi J Ellsworth: And bringing the information from IKO, from NRCA-

John Van Beek: Exactly.

Jack Gottesman: 100%, yes.

Heidi J Ellsworth: ... through that, to really break that language barrier, which is so important. And Labor Central has been instrumental in really helping Informa and IRE this year with registration, and having Spanish opportunities.

John Van Beek: Exactly

Jack Gottesman: For sure.

Heidi J Ellsworth: Yes. I think it's so important. We are seeing, I think, a lot of improvement. I'm looking for the right words, but for improvement in the industry of being inclusive with the Latino culture, and really, I mean, it's 30%, it's 30% of our industry.

Jack Gottesman: Yes, and that Blueprint for Roofing series that I mentioned earlier, the Spanish language version of that series is our most popular YouTube contact.

Heidi J Ellsworth: Really?

Jack Gottesman: Yes.

Heidi J Ellsworth: Wow. See, that is so great. Okay, so I want to talk a little bit about, and I want to start with you, Jack.

Jack Gottesman: Sure.

Heidi J Ellsworth: Your contractors, or your Roof Pros.

Jack Gottesman: Yes? Love them.

Heidi J Ellsworth: Yes, they are the best.

Jack Gottesman: Is that the question?

Heidi J Ellsworth: Yes.

Jack Gottesman: Oh, okay.

Heidi J Ellsworth: That was the question. Now a second question is, what are you hearing from them about Labor Central?

Jack Gottesman: I'm hearing that they're thrilled that such a solution exists. I mean that, first of all, they're validating the need, which is the first thing that you want if you're opening a technology company, to hear the marketplace say "Yes, please. Finally."

And that's why John continues to be just such a popular speaker at our events, and that's why when we're creating our partner catalogs and we're pushing out the solutions that we have for roofers, Labor Central is always on the top of the list. It's something that they need. It's something that they don't really know exists, so we're here to help spread the gospel. That's why I came today.

Heidi J Ellsworth: I know. This is it. This is so perfect.

So John, as you're speaking at these events, what are you hearing from the contractors and what are some... And I had a question earlier that I wanted everybody to hear. How many crews do you have right now?

John Van Beek: I may be off on the number, but I think it's around 2200, 2300.

Heidi J Ellsworth: 2300, okay. That's pretty-

John Van Beek: And each crew has five to 20.

Heidi J Ellsworth: Right, so it kind of goes back to that first question. Is there a labor shortage, right?

John Van Beek: Right.

Heidi J Ellsworth: We don't know. I mean, yes, but no. In a way, it's like are you looking in the right places, and are you able to communicate? So as you are doing these classes with IKO and really going around educating contractors, what are you hearing, and how is it changing their businesses?

John Van Beek: Change is always difficult, but what we're trying to say is, "Hey, change is coming. You have to change, in order for you to be successful at your business." The number one thing is crews move all the time. They don't stay in Las Vegas forever. If there's a hailstorm in Dallas, Texas-

Jack Gottesman: Yeah. They're going.

John Van Beek: ... and they know, "If I can get work every single day for three months, I'm gone." So Labor Central is there really to alleviate that frustration point, and what we found is once contractors try it, and I think when we talk about trying, Heidi and I were both at Eagle View years and years ago when they first started, trying to convince a roofing contractor about aerial measurements was crazy, right?

Heidi J Ellsworth: They were not interested.

John Van Beek: Not interested.

Heidi J Ellsworth: No.

Jack Gottesman: Seriously? I can't even believe that.

Heidi J Ellsworth: I know.

Jack Gottesman: That's wild.

Heidi J Ellsworth: Now look where we're at.

Jack Gottesman: That's crazy.

Heidi J Ellsworth: It's all everybody uses.

John Van Beek: Yeah, so this is the same, where you have to trust the data of Labor Central, and the profiles of those install crews, and once we find contractors using it, we have... I think last month, the month of January, there were 1,375 projects posted.

Heidi J Ellsworth: Wow. Wow.

Jack Gottesman: Wow.

Heidi J Ellsworth: That's a lot of work.

John Van Beek: So that's contractors hosting a project-

Jack Gottesman: See, there is really a need. Wow.

John Van Beek: ... and looking for a crew, and the crew replying immediately.

So what we're doing is we're building that trust factor, but once they try it and they use it and say, "Man, it works. It's easy."

Heidi J Ellsworth: Yeah, it's true, and I know I've heard from contractors too, the same thing.

And as we're looking at this, John, you said this at the very beginning, but our workforce has changed. And I should maybe say the roofing companies have changed, where before they had their own crews, now a huge... Everyone is using some crews, and so that... If you aren't having that ability to at least even...

What we're hearing on some fronts too, even companies that have their own employees, their own crews, they are getting so much work that they need to actually also look for sub crews, find that network. And I think the network is what's so important. This technology allows it to become a community and a network.

And what are you hearing from the crews?

John Van Beek: Very, very positive feedback, because if you just think about a crew, "All I want to do is...". And I said this before, but I'm going to repeat myself because it's so factual. "All I want to do, is I want to go to work every day. I want to be safe. I want to get paid, and I want to go home."

Heidi J Ellsworth: Right. It's so true.

John Van Beek: "If I can do that...". And that's why they like the Labor Central platform, because they get job requests all the time, so they can then start actually scheduling, versus relying on a contractor by saying, "Hey, okay, I finished this job. When's your next one?"

"Next week."

"Well, what do I do for the next three days?" So this is really helping them, and we are getting very, very, positive feedback on that. It's great.

Heidi J Ellsworth: And this might be a little controversial, but I'm still going to say it, but I think Labor Central is also starting to make companies and crews, but companies especially, accountable about being respectful, right?

John Van Beek: Yes.

Heidi J Ellsworth: Because now there is a lot of work out there, so it's "I want to be safe, but I also want to be respected."

John Van Beek: Exactly.

Heidi J Ellsworth: Right?

John Van Beek: Right.

Heidi J Ellsworth: And technology kind of evens that playing field and gets everybody on the same level. And it seems to me like that respect level has increased.

John Van Beek: Absolutely, because it gives that crew now another option. If they're working for somebody that is disrespectful to them, then they'll say, "Hey, I'll just go on Labor Central and I'll get work, and I'll find somebody that actually respects me as a Hispanic, Latino person."

Heidi J Ellsworth: This is the part I love. I think it's going to change the industry. I know it's changing the industry, but I think there's subtleties that people aren't even aware of, yet. Just like with Eagle View, right?

Jack Gottesman: Right.

Heidi J Ellsworth: People didn't realize, "Oh, it's more than just measurements. I can use it for my sales, my marketing, so many different things." That's the way Labor Central is right now. It is actually culturally changing the industry.

Jack Gottesman: I agree.

Heidi J Ellsworth: It's kind of fun.

John Van Beek: Yeah.

Jack Gottesman: It's amazing, and it's amazing to even play a small role in promoting this, and congratulations on the growth that you've seen, and I hope we continue to grow together. It's amazing.

John Van Beek: Absolutely.

Heidi J Ellsworth: Okay. I want to talk about your partnership with Labor Central.

Jack Gottesman: Yes.

Heidi J Ellsworth: Okay, I'm a Roof Pro.

Jack Gottesman: Okay.

Heidi J Ellsworth: I want to be someday. When I grow up, can I be a Roof Pro?

Jack Gottesman: Yes, 100%.

Heidi J Ellsworth: Okay.

Jack Gottesman: We'll get you in. We'll find a back door for you.

Heidi J Ellsworth: Someday, perfect. I love that. Okay, so I'm a Roof Pro and I want to get started with this. Let's first of all, start off with how do I become a Roof Pro?

Jack Gottesman: You become a Roof Pro by just Googling, "I want to become a Roof Pro." You'll probably see our brand's New Roof Pro in 90 Seconds overview video, that we have with some of our top contractors from the US and Canada, which is very cool. So just Google "I want to become an IKO Roof Pro", and there's a number of ways to do it. We'll get you signed up.

Once we get you signed up, and at this point, you're just going to be... You won't be able to sleep, you'll be so excited, because finally, "Oh my God, I did it. I achieved it. I unlocked the goal. Achieved this life goal." You're then going to go to laborcentral.com/IKO and learn about the different tiers, and the different options, and the different ways that you can get discounts and benefits for working together with Labor Central.

Heidi J Ellsworth: Easy.

Jack Gottesman: So, easy.

Heidi J Ellsworth: Easy.

Jack Gottesman: Totally easy.

Heidi J Ellsworth: Once I'm a Roof Pro, now I want to get on Labor Central. I'm going to start with you, and then I'm going to go to John. So you guys say the same thing. How do we do it?

Jack Gottesman: If you're a Roof Pro, and you want to be on Labor Central?

Heidi J Ellsworth: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Jack Gottesman: Laborcentral.com/IKO.

Heidi J Ellsworth: It's so easy.

Jack Gottesman: Just go there.

John Van Beek: That's it.

Jack Gottesman: Really easy.

John Van Beek: Easy peasy.

Jack Gottesman: Really easy. We got our own landing page, we got our own success story, and just go there, laborcentral.com/IKO.

Heidi J Ellsworth: John's already told you how easy it is to work through that process. Gentlemen, I just think this is cool. I love technology, and so it's something that I think is going to, like we talked about, really change the industry. It's something you need to be thinking about for your company. Whether you're looking for work, whether you're looking for labor, skilled labor, really good labor, this is the place that you're going to start changing your industry, and your company, and your culture.

So John, any last thoughts?

John Van Beek: Yeah, the only thing is contractors change is difficult. A new way of doing things has always been hard, but just look back over the last five years, and look at your process. Where you were five years ago, to where you are now. How you embrace technology in your business process, to make you successful. Labor Central is that last, key element, to find that labor to install your products, so you can get it done as quick as possible. IKO can ship their product as quick as possible, and you can get paid.

Heidi J Ellsworth: Yeah, it's really-

Jack Gottesman: It's that easy.

Heidi J Ellsworth: I know.

Jack Gottesman: It's that easy.

Heidi J Ellsworth: Last thoughts. Why is this so important?

Jack Gottesman: Why is this so important? Well, I just want to go back to what we said before, right? We're helping people find work, and we're helping people have consistent work. We're building the economy. We're growing jobs, and we are doubling down on this amazing, amazing, industry, which is roofing, that not enough people appreciate. And, we can help spread the gospel together, right?\

John Van Beek: Let's do it.

Heidi J Ellsworth: Together. Together.

Jack Gottesman: Exactly. Re-Listen, watch, right?

Heidi J Ellsworth: Re-listen, watch, right now, right here.

Jack Gottesman: Yes. A couple things to remember is that when you download, when you go to laborcentral.com/IKO, and you get this, download the app, you have opportunities to 10 free searches. You get to search and see what it's like.

John Van Beek: Yep.

Heidi J Ellsworth: You can get into the app.

Jack Gottesman: That's right, yes.

Heidi J Ellsworth: You can see what it's all about. I think that's really important. And then you can get help, customer service. But here's the thing that's really important, is it is totally bilingual. So if you're sitting out there thinking, "Am I going to have a language barrier? Is there going to be a problem?"

John Van Beek: Absolutely not.

Jack Gottesman: No.

Heidi J Ellsworth: No.

Jack Gottesman: You're going to be great. You're going to thrive.

Heidi J Ellsworth: It's all there. It's all ready for you. And they've made it really easy with some really great people. We have to put a shout-out to Jessica Chavez.

John Van Beek: Yes, Jessica's the best.

Heidi J Ellsworth: All of our crews, or all the crews and all of the contractors. She makes the whole language barrier just disappear.

John Van Beek: Yep, awesome.

Jack Gottesman: Amazing.

Heidi J Ellsworth: I know, so be sure to check out the directories, both for IKO on Roofer's Coffee Shop and for Labor Central. You'll find all this information there, and you'll be able to get it. Also on, as you know, laborcentral.com/IKO, check that out too.

I have another announcement before we leave here. We have a very exciting announcement that John, this is more with John. Sorry Jack, but... Roofer's Coffee Shop is going to be starting a podcast. It's going to go about every other month, and it's going to be called Labor Outlook-

Jack Gottesman: Oh, that's amazing.

Heidi J Ellsworth: ... and it's going to be sponsored by Labor Central.

Jack Gottesman: That's amazing. Good.

Heidi J Ellsworth: So, we are going to be bringing experts from the field. These are going to be economists, we have speakers, HR, people who really are in technology, obviously, we have them right here. And, we are going to have people who are going to be talking about what they're seeing in labor, and what's happening. It's going to be coming to you pretty much every other month, and it will be on Roofer's Coffee Shop, will be on the homepage under the videos sponsored by Labor Central.

Thank you so much, John. I'm excited for that.

John Van Beek: Thank you. Roofer's Coffee Shop. They really have a connection to the Hispanic Roofing community, and thank you for all your input.

Heidi J Ellsworth: Thank you. We love our contractors.

Jack Gottesman: Awesome. You got it. Amazing.

Heidi J Ellsworth: You guys are the best. Thank you.

John Van Beek: Come to the booth. We'll see you soon.

Heidi J Ellsworth: Come to the booth. The doors are opening in minutes. We have so much happening today, so many interviews. Keep joining us. Thank you for being on this RLW. It will be available on demand, so be sure to check it out, and like I said, check out those directories.

Jack Gottesman: I demand it.

Heidi J Ellsworth: You demand it.

Jack Gottesman: Yes.

Heidi J Ellsworth: Right now, you should be demanding it.

Jack Gottesman: Do it.

Heidi J Ellsworth: And we will see soon with our first interviews at the IRE Coffee-

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