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The First LEISTER Service Bus for direct repairs on the construction site

Service Bus
January 11, 2019 at 6:43 p.m.

"Planing makes chips fall," therefore there are various service repairs required. To accommodate this need, we're excited to begin repairing LEISTER equipment and machines, directly on the construction site.

Regular testing of equipment and machines

Our mission is to prevent defective equipment and machines from creating risks such as accidents, work absences, missed deadlines, contractual penalties and more. Checking the equipment regularly will enable us to detect any minor defects that can occur under heavy use and service the equipment quickly to have it working at optimal performance.

Who loves his LEISTER...

To continue working with your LEISTER for a long time, it must be checked regularly, maintained and repaired if necessary. In certain scenarios, such as a craftsman in Germany, you're legally required to do so. Regardless of any legal obligations, you'll want to work with your LEISTER equipment for a long time, so it's important to regularly maintain it.

Repair and testing service on four wheels

SDE Technik owner, Stefan Dreischmeier, basis his business off his customer's needs:

  • Carrying out and documenting the annually arranged DGUV test on behalf of the VDE
  • Emergency repairs directly on the construction site
  • Replacement or rental device until completion of the repair
  • Demonstration of new devices that are more suitable for the respective application
  • Sale of accessories

LEISTER Service Bus

Service van from Stefan Dreischmeier, owner of SDE Technik

Dreischmeier comes to the construction site with his new, service van to repair LEISTER equipment directly on-site. Anyone who works our products receives all services from a single source.

As an, "old LEISTER hand," he is particularly familiar with the roof product range and knows which device or machine is best for your needs.

Everything in the van

Anything needed for LEISTER equipment is made available in Dreischmeier's service van. He even has a printer with him so he can hand over the corresponding documents to his customer on the spot, after a successful service check.

LEISTER Service Bus Monitor

Monitor and printer in SDE Technik's service van

LEISTER Service Bus Prüfgerät

Annual tests on behalf of the VDE must be documented

Annual inspections of equipment and machines, directly on the construction site, are required by law in Germany and are carried out by the Verband der Elektrotechnik Elektronik Informationstechnik e.V. (VDE).

If everything passes, a test sticker is placed on the tested device/machine, similar to the German TÜV.

LEISTER Service Bus Prüfaufkleber

Sample control sticker

Additionally, a test report is documented and printed out at the construction site. This became a necessity due to dishonest individuals buying and placing stickers on the machines illegally, without testing.

The VDE regularly checks the status of the stickers and test reports to find out whether the or not the test have been carried out correctly. The purpose of these tests is to ensure safety on construction sites. Anyone who is unable to provide evidence will be fined.

Leister Technologies AG & SDE Technik

Leister Technologies AG and SDE Technik have been working together successfully for many years. When Stefan Dreischmeier visits his customers on their construction sites, he mainly repairs and tests the LEISTER equipment and machines used on industrial roofs:

Dreischmeier has been trained by LEISTER specialists and is a pro when it comes to checking, maintaining and repairing LEISTER equipment.

Certified master electricians pay attention - imitation desired

At Leister Technologies AG we're very interested in expanding our worldwide network of LEISTER service providers.

The investments to establish a similar repair service company as Dreischmeier's SDE Technik are still relatively manageable overall:

  • VDE test instrument Saftytest 3 N: about 4'000 Euro
  • Test computer (Windows 7) with LCD monitor and laser printer: about 10'000 Euro
  • Tool shelves: 1'500 Euro
  • Tools: 500 Euro
  • VW van: from about 26'000 Euro
  • LEISTER spare parts

Leister Technologies AG supports certified master electricians with training courses, as in the case of SDE Technik, with the lettering of the service van.

If you're interested in setting up your own business as a service provider, for example to repair your customers' LEISTER equipment, contact us by e-mail and we'll be in touch with you!

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Join over 18,000 other roofers who get the Week in Roofing for a recap of this week's best industry posts!

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