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SSA Calendars: A Simple Tool That Can Have a Big Impact on Your Roofing Business

SSA Calendars
February 11, 2021 at 2:00 p.m.

By Store Share Access.

Planning, managing and scheduling roofing tasks has become a lot more effective and easier with SSA.

In this era of cut-throat competition, every roofing business is striving to do more and achieve more. The “online calendar” feature available in Store Share Access (SSA) has caught the fancy of roofing companies and their clients alike.

This cutting-edge technology has paved the way for enhanced productivity, efficiency and real-time accessibility by optimizing the time and workflow for planning and resource allocation.

Count on this wonderful solution to handle multiple tasks in your roofing business more efficiently than you can ever imagine. These include but are not limited to planning and tracking progress on a site, scheduling work, warranty tracking, sharing real-time updates and getting detailed information on every job with a simple click of a button. What’s more, you can create as many as many calendars as you want to streamline your processes.

The online calendar technology is proving to be extremely critical for both new and well-established roofing businesses. The reason is that today’s consumers have moved to online tracking of their projects and project management. So, if you’re not using such a system in your roofing business, you might be losing out on potential customers.

The problem is that many businesses too often rely on multiple tools at once. If these tools are not synchronized with each other and not integrated seamlessly with your work, it can lead to headaches, confusion and even missed deadlines.

Why should you use SSA calendars?

If you’ve managed multiple calendar tools from different vendors in the past, you may not consider it as an important function in the roofing project management CRM. However, a comprehensive Roofing CRM like SSA that has built-in calendar functionality offers plenty of benefits that individual calendar tools do not.

SSA is a progressive web app (PWA) where you get 100% functionality inside of the app. This means you don't have to go to the app store anymore. It is truly web-based, and it updates regularly.

While individual calendar software like Google Calendar may help you remember upcoming deadlines, these tools are not designed to tell you what exactly you need to do to meet the deadlines, the roofing crews working on them, and the current status of completion. You may need to go outside of software to access this critical information. The calendar tool featured in SSA is in sharp contrast to traditional software. You get 100% functionality in a single app. So, with a complete array of functions, you can dive straight from the calendar all the way into accounting without leaving the app.

SSA calendars can help you simplify even the most complex roofing tasks by enabling you directly access all the crucial information and project progress.

Here are some of the prominent functions that SSA roofing calendars offer, and that are not available in traditional calendar software.

  • Enables you to create as many calendars as you want to plan and track onsite progress from every possible angle. For instance, if you have a crew calendar, you can access all the crucial information there including your client’s name, address and crew. This will be directly linked to the job you’ve undertaken. You’ll have complete knowledge of whether the material has been dropped; whether it's been dropped on the ground, or whether you got your credit back, and so on.

  • Plan and track critical work from a single dashboard. For instance, you can dive straight from the calendar into any other function without leaving the SSA app. If you're administrative, you can do accounting. You can actually do it on the phone. You may have to turn your phone landscape to be able to see everything. Every one of the buttons is there. All of the numbers are there - there is nothing that's missing. That’s the beauty of SSA calendars.

  • Automatically track specific roofing tasks by creating task calendars for your projects and crew. An easy to use drag and drop interface helps you to keep your tasks and jobs well organized. You can open tasks directly from your Calendar.

  • View your calendars by month, quarter, or year.

  • Information-rich pop-ups at a touch of a button. Click on any job and you’ll get a quick pop-up. You can view the job total, balance due, customer's name, address and phone number. You can either go immediately to Google to get your direct driving directions or you can click on it and call straight from SSA.

Moreover, it will show you who the salesman is, the crew manager, the start date, the shingle color and material, and so on. Depending on your crew, you’ll be able to predict whether you can finish that in a day. So whether you're a crew, a project manager or salesman, or whether you're an administration or the owner, there's a lot of information right there in that quick little pop-up.

  • SSA calendars come with a flawless Warranty Tracking feature. You can keep track of the warranty on any roof you’ve installed.

  • 100% web-enabled. You can securely access your data from anywhere in the world, and at any time. This means you’ll have complete control of your roofing company at all times no matter where you are.

  • Allows you to organize different calendars within SSA to get the big picture across various trades.

  • Enables you to share real-time calendar updates with everyone in the organization to make sure that everyone is on the same page.


SSA Calendar tool is designed specifically for roofing company owners to help them save their as well clients’ time, and it can help attain massive savings for their business right away. Whether you want to help the crew to boost its productivity, optimize their time, or increase the availability and profits for your business, SSA calendars can prove to be a crucial part of accomplishing these goals.

Learn more about SSA in their RoofersCoffeeShop® Directory or visit www.ssacapp.com.

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