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Roofing CRM: A Brief Overview

SSA Roofing CRM
March 22, 2021 at 2:00 p.m.


Using a technologically advanced and reliable roofing CRM and roofing management software is necessary for your business.

Roofing businesses, regardless of their size, have to juggle multiple projects, tasks, plans and clients. Having a foolproof tool at their disposal like SSA can help roofers to keep everything streamlined while scheduling, planning, and executing projects, in a predictable, accurate and profitable manner. 

In a roofing business particularly, it is imperative to retain and track existing, past and future revenue sources. That explains why using a technologically advanced and reliable roofing CRM and roofing management software is necessary for effortless project planning, resource allocation, crew management and time management in your roofing business. 

What is a roofing CRM?

A CRM can be described as a software application that is useful for customer management. The advantages of implementing such a system in your roofing business are boundless. By using a cutting-edge system like SSA, which is specifically designed for roofers, businesses can store customer data, keep track of dealings, take stock of sales, send estimates, receive online payments, communicate with their clients, delegate tasks easily and manage their online reputation right from their SSA app. 

You can consider a roofing CRM as a digital full-time assistant working for your venture 24/7. The application serves multiple roles and it is useful for recording and organizing a vast amount of data in a highly secure environment. 

Your team members will be able to give real-time updates on the project's progress. So, you can easily know what has already been completed and what’s pending, no matter where you are. Software like SSA can significantly reduce the need for physical meetings and that can boost the productivity in your roofing business beyond your expectations.  

If you have experience of running a business single-handedly, you will surely feel the need for full-time assistants. A CRM is just like such assistants but it dons many hats at the same time.

Analyzing the benefits of using a roofing CRM & management tool

There are notable benefits of using a roofing CRM and these include sorting customers by their locations, marketing techniques, checking the progress of deals and aid in estimate comparison. A roofing CRM is also good for project management, storing records and images, scheduling management, communication, delegating tasks within the organization, establishing goals and better team collaboration, among others.

A roofing CRM lets you map the prospective customers with older and existing customers. This indeed offers a robust insight into customer demographics. Before scheduling an appointment with such prospective customers, you can use the CRM to figure out variables like home size, suitable roofing type, etc. The tool makes it easy for you to manage the nuances of operations. 

In the contracting industry, multi-tasking often takes a toll on the business owners. By using a suitable CRM tool, you can save time and plan tasks more accurately with features like task calendars. A CRM calendar feature enables you to go through the upcoming appointments in a day, quickly. You may also sync the CRM with your appointment book and stay updated at all times

As your venture grows with time, so does the need for documentation. It is necessary to store documents like warranty paperwork, invoices, and contracts safely and for easy retrieval in the future. A CRM is useful for storing all these, and more for thousands of clients.  

Summing it up

There are so many advantages of using a feature-rich roofing CRM and management CRM like SSA. If you happen to be in the roofing or construction sector, resorting to a functional, reliable and customizable CRM can prove to be immensely beneficial for your venture. 

Ultimately, it can help you win more clients, provide a better customer experience, track your expenses flawlessly and keep everything well organized. 

The main advantage of a meticulously designed roofing management CRM like SSA is a better organization and enhanced productivity. 

Nothing will be lost. Everything will be in its right place. Everyone in your company will be aware of their upcoming tasks and how to do them including project timelines and deadlines. In simpler terms, SSA can help boost your business’ bottom-line.  

So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call for a demo now.

Learn more about SSA in their RoofersCoffeeShop® Directory or visit www.ssacapp.com.

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