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KPost Roofing Gets the Most out of Their Business Management Software

AccuLynx Business Management Software
May 1, 2022 at 9:00 a.m.

By AccuLynx.  

Learn how AccuLynx helps standardize the business process and build efficiencies.  

Looking to expand? The right technology makes all the difference when you are scaling up your business. Expand and grow easily with a roofing project management software that helps you perfect your process and provides a backbone to those systems.  

Matthew Jaynes, general manager at KPost Roofing, knew he needed a system that would help his team complete jobs without seeing a gap in quality. After assessing several software solutions for his business, Matthew chose AccuLynx to help KPost expand into the residential roofing market. 

We sat down with him to discuss the importance of technology and why he decided AccuLynx was the right roofing project management software for the job. 

Q: How did KPost Roofing identify the need for roofing project management software when launching your residential roofing division? 

Organization is a vital part of any business. AccuLynx was built to help streamline and establish easy-to-replicate processes that can be implemented throughout the entire team, from your salespeople to your crew, so that everyone can focus on their job. 

Matthew knew the value of staying organized and wanted to implement software to help him do that: “I [worked at a] roofing company where I was: the salesman, project manager, estimator, invoicer and supplementer. The company didn’t have a system to keep track of jobs, so it was hard to juggle everything. I saw that if you’re not organized, there’s only so much work that you can do. When I came over to KPost Roofing to start the residential roofing division, I immediately knew that I wanted to implement software so that nothing slipped through the cracks, and we got the most out of every job.” 

Expanding into a new division isn’t unlike starting a new business, and getting the most out of each job, much like Matthew said, requires organization and standardization. However, contractors are often hands-on people who want to build rather than spend time doing paperwork. 

Roofing project management software like AccuLynx allows contractors and salespeople to do what they do best without losing track of invoices or leads. By storing all of your information in the cloud, AccuLynx keeps the whole organization on the same page. 

Q: How did AccuLynx help you standardize your business processes? 

Standardization of processes helps to build efficiencies across a roofing company. For KPost Roofing, that was one of the most critical parts of expanding into the residential market. Matthew wanted to prevent losing that standardization. “Something I noticed from previous positions when I was managing the job myself is a lack of consistency. I wanted to separate the production team from sales to make sure that we maintained a consistent product that we could control, and AccuLynx helped me do just that.” 

Creating and maintaining a workflow to get ahead of potential problems is essential. AccuLynx provides you with tools that allow you to see how jobs are progressing and proactively identify any issues. 

According to Matthew, “At the end of the day, to grow a business, you have to create a system that works for your team. If you create a system where, for example, people know to look at the crew checklist which reminds them to cover the pool, they won’t miss that step and make a mistake.” 

This kind of standardization protects your reputation and makes your business easier to run. Roofing project management software like AccuLynx provides you with features that help your roofing company stay on top of work and maintain quality so you can grow. 

For example, AccuLynx’s mobile Crew App allowed KPost Roofing to create checklists and processes to eliminate potential problems on the job site. If a crew damages a pool or some decking, Matthew can edit the crew checklist to include instructions to prevent it from happening in the future. 

Q: How do you use AccuLynx today? 

Now that KPost Roofing has an established system, Matthew and his team can take advantage of all the features that AccuLynx offers. Bringing their entire workflow into one place allows KPost Roofing to control quality while still taking on as many jobs as possible. 

“We use AccuLynx for everything, including tracking the lead sources when they come in, checking the job flow, communication with teams and homeowners, and sending out estimates and contracts. I know many contractors use AccuLynx, but they don’t use all the features of the software. They’re selling themselves short because AccuLynx has created a process without any gaps in it so that you can satisfy your customer’s needs and keep track of everything.” 

Q: What has been the overall impact that you’ve seen since implementing AccuLynx? 

“AccuLynx covers our entire business. It’s sort of everything to us. It allows you to have a pulse on what’s constantly going on with the business, making sure that things are being done correctly. At the end of the day, it’s the only way for us to be able to keep all of the moving parts in the right spot so that we can do the job efficiently and professionally.” 

KPost Roofing gets the most out of their business management software by using all of the features of AccuLynx and maintaining the processes they’ve put into place. Features like the Mobile Crew App, Crew checklists and more allow KPost Roofing to standardize their processes and keep their new residential business organized. 

The roofing project management software that standardizes all your business processes. 

KPost Roofing isn’t the only company that uses AccuLynx to help keep its growing business running smoothly. Discover the benefits of using a roofing CRM as you grow, and hear more stories about how a roofing project management software has helped contractors succeed. 

Learn more about AccuLynx by seeing a Demo or visit www.acculynx.com. 

Original article source: AccuLynx

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