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Coatings Challenge: Converting a Warehouse Into Condominiums with a New Roof.

GAF Coatings Challenge
June 19, 2019 at 6:00 p.m.

By Don Kilcoyne.

With a low investment, and ease of installation, GAF coatings are a great way to grow your business, whether you’re a low slope or steep slope contractor.

Welcome to the GAF Coatings Challengewith Michelle Carlin, GAF senior product manager, coatings.

Watch this video or read the transcript below.

Michelle Carlin: Welcome to the Coatings Challenge. I am Michelle Carlin, Senior Product Manager with GAF. Today, we're talking about a Coatings Challenge from Margaret in Brooklyn, New York. Margaret writes, " We're converting a large waterfront Warehouse into condominiums and we need an entirely new roof. These are luxury condos, so we're talking about rows of skylights and HVAC equipment. And of course, we'd like to contribute to reducing the heat island effect. What are some good options for this job?" Thanks for the question, Margaret.

Michelle Carlin: GAF has two great solutions to offer you. You could go all the way with a new single ply roof. This would consist of a flute fill and cover board with our EnergyGuard Polyiso Insulation to get valuable insulation benefits topped with our highly reflective EverGuard TPO product, which would help reduce cooling costs due to it's reflective properties. However, with all of those skylight penetrations and the HVAC equipment, you may save a lot of time with an acrylic liquid applied membrane. GAF's HydroStop PremiumCoat system, which is foundation code, fabric and finish coat, will seamlessly flash all of those details and penetrations, help reduce cooling cost, and support efforts to reduce the heat island effect. It's a water-based acrylic, so it's really easy to use and to clean up. The downside of an acrylic liquid applied membrane is that they're not great against ponding water. So, make sure the roof is designed with sufficient drainage.

Michelle Carlin: The HydroStop PremiumCoat system is water-based, so store it in an area that is at least 40 degrees Fahrenheit to make sure it doesn't freeze and apply it at 50° Fahrenheit and rising. Margaret, good luck with this conversion project. You can find virtually every type of building in Brooklyn. So, remember to think GAF. We have a solution for every kind of roof. Thanks for checking out the Coatings Challenge by GAF. Got tough coatings questions? Send it to coatingschallenge@gaf.com. Until next time, I'm Michelle Carlin.


  • Converting a large waterfront warehouse into condominiums and need an entirely new roof. These are luxury condos with many rows of skylights and HVAC equipment.

  • The owner would like to reduce the heat island effect as much as possible.

  • What coating would YOU recommend for this job?


  • Skylight penetrations and HVAC equipment suggest you may save time with an acrylic liquid-applied membrane — choose a complete system that can seamlessly flash the details and penetrations.

  • Look for a reflective coating that can not only reduce the heat island effect but also reduce energy costs as well.


HydroStop® PremiumCoat® System — Foundation Coat, Fabric, and Finish Coat.

  • Great for seamlessly flashing details and penetrations.

  • Its high reflectivity will help reduce the heat island effect and even reduce energy costs — up to 30%!

  • As a water-based acrylic, it’s easy to use and to clean up.

Get to know more about one of the most popular commercial roofing systems, including resources for training and education, at the Liquid Membrane Roofing Systems page at gaf.com.

For informational purposes only. Always review published application instructions, product Safety Data Sheets, and Limited Warranty on GAF Liquid-Applied Roof Coatings for complete coverage and restrictions. For technical, system, and warranty information, visit gaf.com or call 1-800-766-3411.

Original article source: GAF

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