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Case Study: Church For All Nations —S-5! WindClamp™ 2X

S-5! Church for All Nations
October 6, 2021 at 9:00 a.m.

The church was looking for enhanced wind protection after their roof was damaged by 90-mph winds. 

“The WindClamp was a much needed product after our roof sustained damages from a wind storm with 90 mph winds. I was amazed that such a small clamp would strengthen our roof against future wind storms. It was strong and incredibly easy to install. S-5! has given us the peace of mind that our roof installation will serve our church for many years to come. We’ve appreciated the partnership that we’ve had with the folks at S-5! over the past 20+ years. You not only get a quality product that stands the test of time, but you benefit from a relationship with a family and a team that stands behind their products.”

 —David Cowart, Operations Manager, Church For All Nations

The Project

Church For All Nations is a dynamic, growing, multi-cultural body of non-denominational Christian believers, with two campuses in Colorado Springs and mission outreach throughout the world.  

The Northeast campus features a 49,000-square-foot, engineered Varco Pruden metal-clad building with a Varco Pruden SSR metal roof.  Attached to the roof are various S-5! metal roof attachment solutions, including the WindClamp™ 2X, designed to increase wind uplift capacity on standing seam and other concealed-fastened metal roof profiles.

The Challenge

A severe windstorm of 90 mph gusts swept through the area, resulting in partial roof damage. The wind had lifted up the front edge of the roof, peeling back the roof on its gable ends.

With ever-increasing frequency and magnitude of wind events throughout the country, including Colorado, an existing roof is more likely to experience localized or total failure as wind forces try to tear the roof from its mountings. Church For All Nations needed a long-term solution to protect and preserve its roof.

The Solution

The S-5! team recommended the WindClamp 2X – S-5!’s trademark brand of external seam clamp– to protect and preserve the roof against the area’s strong winds.

Placed over the seam at designated intervals, WindClamps are specifically designed to prevent multiple modes of failure on standing seam and other concealed-fastened metal roofs, including male-to-female seam separation and/or total separation from its mounting clip.

WindClamps have proven to dramatically increase –and often double–the wind resistance capacity of the panel system and can easily be added to a metal roof specification. This enabled Church For All Nations to preserve its roof and gave them peace of mind that their roof will serve the church community for years to come.

Long-Term Outlook

The WindClamp 2X was easily retrofitted to the existing roof, bringing it into code compliance without costly structural changes, and the roof is ready to withstand the next extreme wind event. The church can be rest assured the WindClamp will continue to protect and ensure the service life of the roof for years to come.

Why Install WindClamps™?

...to dramatically improves wind uplift strength and performance

…because design wind speeds and code requisites have now become more stringent

...to help your building meet current code compliance and wind standards

...to reduce the danger of wind damage or blow-off

…because it is the most cost-effective way to do it

…it’s the right way to preserve roof warranties

Project Information

Industry: Religious

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

General Contractor: Church For All Nations

Construction Consultant: Rob Haddock, CEO & Founder of S-5! 

Mechanical Contractor: Heating and Plumbing Engineers

Roof Stats

Roof Profile: Main Roof, 24-gauge Varco Pruden SSR, trapezoidal, double-folded standing seam metal roof; Porticos, 1-¾” snap seam

Roof Measured: Main building 235” x 435“

Roof Pitch: 4/12 on the main roof and porticos; 1/12 on additional side wings

Metal Roof Attachments: S-5! WindClamp™ 2X (200)

Learn more about S-5! in their RoofersCoffeeShop Directory or at www.s-5.com

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