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6 Reasons to Apply to the ARMA Excellence in Asphalt Roofing Awards

November 19, 2022 at 6:00 p.m.

By Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Associations (ARMA). 

Every year the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA) hosts awards that recognize roofing professionals for their top asphalt roofing projects. Here is why you should be a nominee. 

Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA) hosts an award program that is designed to exhibit the best practices, successes and complex artistry of asphalt roofing systems. Winners not only showcase their skill in asphalt roofing, but the variety and ingenuity of asphalt applications across low- and steep-slope roofs. 

That is why ARMA is calling for nominations for your best asphalt roofing projects! Win a cash prize and national prominence on top of shining a spotlight on a successful project. Need more reasons? Read on! 

1 – It is free to enter! 

It's absolutely FREE to enter! There is no charge to participate in the program, and an applicant may submit multiple entries as long as each project meets the specified criteria.  

In fact, ARMA recommends submitting several applications to boost the chances of winning. Submissions requiring a project questionnaire and high-resolution images must demonstrate exceptional asphalt roofing craftsmanship.  

2 - Monetary prizes 

The ARMA Excellence in Asphalt Roofing Awards Program honors award-winning projects illustrating the beauty, affordability and reliability of asphalt roofing systems. Winners of this prestigious program receive a monetary prize: 

  • Gold award – $2,000 

  • Silver Award – $1,000 

  • Bronze Award – $500 

3 - Industry recognition 

Industry recognition and award publicity build credibility, providing a clear and visible nod to the quality of asphalt roofing services. Winners of the 2023 Excellence in Asphalt Roofing Awards will receive recognition in national trade media, local media and promotion on ARMA's website and social media.  

ARMA provides winning companies with press releases, blogs and wide-ranging coverage, including features in national roofing and building and construction publications. Press coverage on trade websites can benefit public relations efforts and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Recognition on the ARMA website for the winning project includes a highlight in the roofing gallery. ARMA will promote the winning projects on social media via gallery style and video format, as well as tag the manufacturer, contractor and other involved parties if possible.  

Additionally, ARMA will feature non-winning applicants in the #WhyAsphalt social media series throughout the following year. Moreover, ARMA will recognize winning companies during the 2023 International Roofing Expo from March 7-9 in Dallas, Texas. This a perfect opportunity for contractors to network with major asphalt roofing manufacturers and expand business contact lists. 

4 - Portfolio building materials   

It is always a great idea to showcase awards won under the company's portfolio. Winning companies will receive an official ARMA certificate and other authority-boosting materials. Award winners can highlight these achievements on their websites, brochures or proposals. Documenting successful projects that illustrate the benefits of asphalt roofing systems will help professionals build portfolios and homeowners find the best value available in roofing today. Remember to take quality photos for award submissions as jobs are in progress.  

5 - Boost reputation  

Every company examines strategies to boost its reputation, enhance its credibility, and highlight its achievements – award programs do just that! The ARMA Excellence in Asphalt Roofing Awards adds credibility to a company or organization, validating the quality of work and position as an industry leader. The awards program serves as a national endorsement and can enhance the public perception of your brand. ARMA's awards program is unique since the competition can bring your company to the attention of manufacturers and distributors, in addition to improving the reputation of your company to the public.  

Winning awards help authenticate your business and reinforce the work standard in clients' eyes. Award recognition can attract new customers, investors or donors and build a culture among employees. By displaying accomplishments and listing awards, crews are proud of their roofing jobs and feel respected. 

 6 - Stand out from the competition  

A quality award in the roofing industry demonstrates exceptional craftsmanship and superior use of product standards set by manufacturers. By submitting notable roofing jobs for consideration, contractors have the opportunity to differentiate the quality of achievements and services from competitors.  

Roofing companies must promote their awards and accomplishments since many homeowners may consider accolades an important factor when selecting a roofer. It's also crucial for homeowners to understand the level of quality and safety roofing professionals bring to each job. Awards may provide contractors an advantage over other competitors.  

Submit a project today  

Nominations will be accepted until December 1, 2022. Share the success of your asphalt roofing company and the talent of your hardworking employees. Apply today and join the ranks of some of the most prominent asphalt roofing projects of the year.  

ARMA encourages a wide range of submissions, including residential, commercial, low-slope and steep-slope projects. No matter the size or complexity, ARMA welcomes all types of asphalt roofing projects for consideration.   

Access the 2023 Excellence Awards submission form, along with the full program guidelines and apply today! 

Learn more about the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA) in their RoofersCoffeeShop® Directory or visit www.asphaltroofing.org.

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