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4 Metal Roof Success Stories

DECRA Metal Roofing Projects
May 16, 2021 at 6:00 a.m.

By DECRA Metal. 

Let these roofing projects serve as your inspiration for springtime roof remodels.  

Taking on a roofing project requires a lot of pre-planning, with homeowners paying special attention on finding the right roofing material for their home. Looking into roofing materials now will help you get ahead of the spring and summer rush for roof remodels.  

Many homeowners are selecting metal roofing because it can pull off the aesthetics of asphalt shingles, clay tiles and wood shakes, while being far more durable. 

The strength of stone-coated steel includes: 

  • Highest Class 4 Hail Impact Rating 

  • Warrantied for 120mph Winds 

  • Class A Fire Rated Material 

  • Severe Weather Resistant 

  • Freeze/Thaw Resistant 

As you prep for spring, get inspired by these DECRA Metal Roofing projects to see how the versatility of stone-coated steel can accommodate any style. 

DECRA Tile in Discovery Bay, California  

Discovery Bay, California is known for hot summers, wet winters and salty ocean air. When it was time for a remodel, residents knew they needed a roofing option to withstand the coastal elements. 
With repeated wet-dry cycles that cause expansion and contraction stresses, it was clear traditional roofing materials like clay tile wouldn’t cut it. But the residents wanted a material that would uphold the area’s classic architectural themes. 
Designed to bridge the gap between durability and beauty, DECRA Tile in custom color, Onyx Blue satisfied the aesthetic demands of the community, without the frequent maintenance that comes with traditional tile. DECRA’s acrylic-based stone-coated formula resists corrosive salt air, making it a durable and dependable option for bay-area homes. 
With over 250,000 square feet of DECRA Tile, Western Sierra Roofing handled the installation of this expansive project. The remodel was so impressive that it was named the 2020 DECRA Metal Roofing Project of the Year

DECRA Shingle XD in Appleton, Wisconsin 

In Appleton, Wisconsin, visitors can explore Hearthstone Historic House Museum, the first official residence in the U.S. powered by a centrally located station using the Edison system. George Schroeder, the executive director, saw that the existing roof made from wood shakes and asphalt shingles was rapidly deteriorating from Wisconsin weather. By early 2019, the roof was in need of a replacement, but it featured steep pitches and multiple layers, creating a complexity rarely seen in today’s architecture. 
The museum's roof not only required a uniquely qualified contractor to execute the upgrades, but it also needed a high-quality roofing material that could fit the style of a Victorian-era mansion. Asphalt shingles were ruled out because Hearthstone House needed a roofing material that could endure the harsh Wisconsin winters. Additionally, they wanted a roof that had a lifespan longer than that of traditional asphalt, which is only 12-20 years. 
That’s when DECRA came into the equation. Meeting the needs for both endurance and aesthetics, JF Lopez Roofing installed DECRA Shingle XD for its deep texture of traditional heavy-cut shingles and the durability of stone-coated steel. 

DECRA Shake in Oahu, Hawaii 

High winds and heavy rains don’t mix well with a thatched roof, especially in Oahu, Hawaii. 
When the Polynesian Cultural Center was ready for a renovation, the new roof needed to be durable, yet still maintain cultural and historical integrity. 
The Polynesian Cultural Center, a family-centered theme park and living museum, had several smaller buildings throughout the grounds where different roofing materials were tested to determine which product would meet the goals of the project. 
DECRA Shake in Weathered Timber proved to be the right product. The stamped shake pattern on the steel resembled the style of the original thatched roof and the ceramic stone granules provided texture, so the roof does not appear flat. What’s more, DECRA steel roofing panels lock securely together with corrosion-resistant screws to ensure wind-driven rain can’t penetrate to the underlying deck. 
Now, visitors enter in awe as they look up at the new roof, which upholds the authenticity of the property's identity and protects against the elements. 

DECRA Tile in Ottawa, Canada 

Ottawa, Canada is known for heavy winters. Because of this, Charles Lortle needed a durable roofing solution that could prevent ice damming from causing excessive snow loads on the surface. 
With plans to renovate an apartment building into an upscale condominium, Lortle knew authentic clay tile would be impractical after repeated freeze and thaw cycles. Plus, he didn’t want to spend money on a roof that would easily crack and require frequent and ongoing repairs. 
To eliminate the future costs of re-roofing without compromising on style, color, or strength, he chose DECRA Tile. It replicated the texture and dimension of clay tile but had the strength to withstand the Canadian elements. 
More than four decades later, this roof is still holding strong. 

Learn more about DECRA Metal in their RoofersCoffeeShop® Directory or visit DECRA.com 

Original article source: DECRA Metal 

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