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Focus on training: why having a process in place for new roofing hires is essential

SEPTEMBER - Guest Blog - AccuLynx - Focus on training why having a process in place for new roofing hires is essential
September 18, 2018 at 12:19 p.m.

By Kate Foster, AccuLynx

New employee training leads to better performance and lower turnover.

The roofing industry is notorious for having a high turnover in employees, so the hiring process can be never-ending, especially right before high volume seasons. When these new hires come on board, it’s important to have a system in place to train them on your company processes, software platforms and team workflows in order to help them reach their maximum potential.

Recent studies show that having a process in place for new hires is highly beneficial to your roofing company’s efficiency, communication, and employee retention. These processes help your new roofer or office administrator understand what is expected of them, provides an idea of what it is like to work at your company, and facilitates communication between them and the rest of your team.

Studies show that new hires are 69% more likely to remain with a company if they have gone through an on-boarding process [source]. This is a huge gain for your company, as more than 25% of new employees leave their new position within 90 days [source].

It can be hard to find the right person for the job you need, so once you do, implement some simple processes to make sure you don’t lose them.

Understanding Company Culture

Your new hire should, first and foremost, be a good fit for your roofing company. Having a like-minded attitude towards work, values and professionalism will go a long way in ensuring that you make the right hire the first time around. Someone may be a great at selling roofs - but if they are not willing to learn your processes, they probably won’t be around long.

Hire employees who are willing to learn the values and standards of your roofing business from the start, so that you’re not facing problems mid-way through your busy season.

Provide Structured On-boarding

Before you start your hiring process, it’s important to understand the role this new person will play, what systems they will be working in within your roofing company, and which teams they will be interacting with on a daily basis. Once all of this is laid out, having a structured plan in place to get them trained is essential to their success.

On-boarding programs should start with a personal meeting between the new employee and their supervisor in order to promote communication and make the supervisor more approachable. New employees should also be introduced to all of the company department leaders so they are familiar with people and their roles. This should be followed by meeting with co-workers and the assignment of a peer advisor to act as a guide. All of this is an effort to promote the new employee’s inclusion in the company and make sure they feel comfortable interacting with people.

Sales Employees

If your new roofer will be primarily focused on sales, make sure their first few days are spent learning how your company handles documentation and commissions.

New Sales team members should also be provided samples of how you expect pitches to homeowners should be handled. One way to do this is to provide a sample sales pitch or demo of your services, which gives the new hire a template for how you approach processes in the field. By providing workflows and step by step instructions, your new employee has the tools to start learning.

You can also consider having them shadow another successful sales team member for a few days, so they understand how your company expects customer interactions to progress.

Office Administrators

If your new employee will be working in the office, ensure that they learn the process for ordering material supplies, scheduling, and accounting systems. Oftentimes, this means getting them up and running on your software platforms, and accounting systems.

All of these simple steps can help them adapt to their new position faster.

Help Set Your Expectations

One of the biggest benefits of having a process in place for new employees is that it allows both sides of the employee-company relationship to make their expectations clear. This means that a new hire can ask questions on company policies like payroll, insurance, and sick days and understand the structure of their role right away.

Seasonal workers especially may not feel comfortable addressing these topics until they are comfortable with your company, so addressing it right away in your on-boarding process can help set their minds at ease.

In addition to feeling at ease in a new environment, one of the most prominent thoughts on a new hire’s mind is “How do I succeed here?” Laying out your expectations for the role, and future goals can help make the answer to that question clear from the beginning. Both your employee and your roofing company will profit from this type of goal-focused work.

Ultimately, having a process in place for new hires is all about making sure they become a part of your company instead of simply working for it. When your new hire is familiar with their coworkers and the way your roofing business operates, they can focus on their job and doing their best work. This familiarity and the bonds formed within the first few months of their new job make your new employee feels welcome and convinces them your company is the right fit.

To learn more about AccuLynx visit here or see an AccuLynx demo.

Editor’s note: This article was first published in AccuLynx’s blog and can be viewed here.


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