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Rocket Equipment

Put Trash Rocket to Work for You

Tow it. Park it. Rocket. A neat solution to a messy problem. Like many inventions, the Trash Rocket came about to solve a very real problem. The Word is Out! When you have a better way of doing something, word tends to get around. 

Trash Rocket was designed by roofers, for roofers. It was refined and proven on real job sites. It packs in all the features and capabilities to make it a profit-building,
easy-to-use piece of equipment that you’ll depend
on for years to come.


  • Trailer-mounted for easy towing
  • Telescoping design creates a compact unit for easy transport and setup
  • Convenient all-in-one control panel on base unit
  • Enclosed chute means nothing misses the dumpster
  • Adjust the upper hopper to reach different roof areas


  • Folding lower chute adjusts to dumpster size and location
  • Folding upper hopper adjusts to roofline and provides large opening for debris
  • Adjustable outriggers provide leveling and safety on uneven terrain
  • Can accommodate various roofing and construction debris (lumber, drywall, sheet metal, ballast, shingles, tile, slate, single-ply systems, concrete, etc.)


  • Non-stick poly liner with solid steel bottom plate to withstand impact from high volumes of debris
  • Heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant aluminum chute
  • Powder-coated steel trailer and lift mechanism for durability and strength
  • Battery-powered hydraulic lift with integrated charger
  • Mounted solar panel to help maintain battery
  • Operates and charges using 120 volt outlet

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Trash Rocket 3900

A breakthrough, patented roof-to-bin debris disposal system. Designed by roofers, for roofers to make job sites safer and more efficient.

The TR-3900 is a commercial grade trash chute designed to expedite the removal of roofing materials and construction debris commonly found on job sites. The flexibility to extend to different work areas helps minimize the labor traditionally required during the removal or demolition process.  

  • Easy transportation to and from jobsites. 
  • 10-15 minutes to setup or take down with only one person required. 
  • Can be positioned up to 32’ away or reach heights up to 39’. 
  • From concrete tile, slate, shingles and ballast to single-ply systems and more!  

Whether you need you to reach over landscaping, canopies, extend to hard-to-reach areas or simply to replace traditional trash chutes, the hydraulic operated – battery powered unit is here to save you time, money and labor.  

Read through the Trash Rocket 3900 Product Brochure.

View the Trash Rocket 3900 Spec Sheet.

Trash Rocket 3000

Rocket Equipment's Trash Rocket TR 3000 (Model TR3000) photo in extended position for use in residential roofing construction as mobile trash chute and debris disposal systemA Trash Rocket optimized for residential and smaller commercial applications. The same, rugged quality, in a more compact design that fits in smaller spaces.

The TR-3000 is a compact trash chute designed to expedite the removal of roofing materials and debris. The flexibility to extend to different areas of residential or smaller commercial roofs helps minimize the labor traditionally required during the tear-off process.

  • Fits in most residential driveways.
  • 10-15 minutes to setup or take down with only one person required.
  • Can be positioned up to 20’ away or reach heights up to 30’.
  • Ideal for concrete tile, slate, shingles, shake and more!

Whether you need to reach over landscaping, canopies, extend to hard-to-reach areas or simply to eliminate debris from being tossed off the roof and into your customers lawn, the hydraulic operated – battery powered unit is here to save you time, money and labor.

Read through the Trash Rocket 3000 Product Brochure.

View the Trash Rocket 3000 Spec Sheet.


Official Rocket accessories can equip your Trash Rocket for specialty and non-standard operations. From our straight–chute used for through-window applications, to other accessories, we can customize a unit to meet your needs. Have a question about whether the Trash Rocket will work for your application? Contact us and we can help you design the perfect equipment package. 

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