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Montana Roofing Association(MRA)


The Montana Roofing Association was formed in 1988, as the Montana Roofing Contractors Association. It was later incorporated in 1991. The founding companies of the Association were, All State Roofing, Bradford Roofing, Thomas Built Up Roofing, Thiel Brothers Roofing, Merit Mechanical, Quality Roofing, Empire Heating, and Cooling, Missoula Sheet Metal, and Maddox Roofing. The goal of the Association was to bring roofing contractors together from across the state and to provide them with education on the laws, regulations, and rules affecting the roofing industry, and to educate them on the newest trends of roofing and products in the industry. Over the years the Montana Roofing Association has grown its membership to allow manufacturers, distributors, and architects to become full members and hold board positions.

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The benefits of being an Association member are many and growing. Take a look:

  • Annual Trade Show provides access to Manufacturers and Distributors

  • Safety Training

  • Access to Legal Services such as contract reviews

  • Scholarship Funds open to Members' families and Employees

  • NRCA Apprentice Program Modules

  • Educational Seminars on how to improve business

  • Access to information regarding legislative and regulatory roofing issues at a State and National Level

  • Your Company Name and info on our website

We’re always looking for more ways to serve you and to help you grow a successful business.

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