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MARCO Bad Weather

Bad Weather is the Best Time to Learn About Snow and Ice

By MARCO Industries. Educate yourself on cold weather roof care. It doesn’t have to be a “natural disaster” for weather to wreak havoc on your roof. Snow and ice can be just as bad for roofing materials as hurricanes and tornados. Thankfully, metal roofs perform better in severe ...

Marco Choosing a Contractor

Your Guide to Choosing a Contractor

By MARCO Industries. Insights to help you through the process of hiring the best contractor for the job. There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to contractors, and choosing one that is reputable and quality is a critical decision with a big investment like ...

MARCO Ventilating a Metal Roof

Balance is the Key to Ventilating a Metal Roof

By MARCO Industries. High-performing metal roof mechanics require an equal amount of intake and exhaust. There are a handful of ways to focus on the ventilation of a metal roof and calculate how it would be appropriate or specific to a particular project. Metal roofing is almost its own science, ...

Marco HydraShell

Reliable, High-performing Underlayments Go the Extra Mile

By Marco Industries. Marco’s line of underlayments offer some of the best warranties and highest quality. Marco’s HydraShell™ underlayment is made with highest-quality materials to protect your roof and home. Part of the Marco Weather-Tite™ System, these underlayments are made to be durable and easy to install as well ...

MARCO Free Resource to Convert Sales

This Free Resource Will Help Close Sales

By MARCO Industries. This buyers guide makes it easy to teach your customers the benefit of choosing a metal roof. When it comes to convincing a future customer that a metal roof is the best option for them, you want to have supporting materials ready for them. You should ...

Marco Roof Damage

What You Need to Know About Roof Damage

By Marco Industries. Storm damage prevention tips to get your through storm season. Storm season can be financially devastating for homeowners and building owners alike. It’s wise to know how you can protect your roof from costly storm damage. Marco has posted about this topic before, outlining steps you can ...

Marco Ventilation

Don’t Wait to Ventilate!

By George G. Allaster, Marco Industries. Air ventilation is critical to the performance of a roofing system and the interior comfort of a home. Here is a complete answer to the question, “Why ventilate?” It can be hard to conceptualize how air can damage a roof structure and insulation—it's just ...

Marco MRA Roofing Measurement

Going Digital- MRA Announces Metal Roofing Measurement & Design Tool

By Marco Industries. New technology will help homeowners make more informed decisions. Marco Weather Tite™ System provides solutions for both roofing contractors and homeowners. Now Marco has learned about a tool that will deliver similar benefits. The Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA) has announced the launch of the Metal ...

Marco Contactless Roofing

A Brief Guide to Contactless Roofing

By Marco Industries. Adapting to difficult times is essential for any roofing business interested in maintaining success. Like a lot of businesses, we’ve had to make some changes at Marco in response to the ongoing pandemic. At the moment, we cannot sit down in person with prospective customers ...

Marco Metal Roofs and Solar Panels

Metal Roofs: The Perfect Match for Solar Panels

By Marco Industries. Investing in rooftop solar panels for your home requires a roofing system that will last. There are many types of roofing materials out there: from tile to the ubiquitous composite roof. Not all of them are ideal as a base for installing solar panels. Metal, however, is. ...

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