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Kansas Roofing Association (KRA)

A Message From KRA's President.........

April 2, 2021

As we start the second quarter of our fiscal year, there are signs that 2021 should be a better year than 2020. Shouldn’t be hard to do, RIGHT?!?!? Who would have thought that toilet paper (raw materials) was in jeopardy of once again becoming a scarce commodity. Who would have thought that a global economy would be severely interrupted by a boat stuck in the Suez Canal. As Alan Murphy, Founder and CEO of Sea-Intelligence, a maritime Data & Analysis Company said “ Look around you – 90% of what’s in the room came from China. Most all global trade moves in containers, so everything is impacted. Name any brand and they will be stuck on one of those vessels.” Soooooo, roofing also? Might be a good question for the manufacturers that you favor. Regardless, we WILL be impacted more than we have been already. The only advice I have here is to be constantly aware and adjust contract language accordingly to accommodate a constantly changing landscape. Protect yourself!!

SURE, we can make it through this!! At least until OSHA shows up on site and levies a fine that could take any contractor out. Expect more activity from OSHA. Whether it is more inspections and how they perform them given the COVID factor (maybe drones), to the outrageous fine structure that could be crippling to anyone. Watch your sub-contractors more closely because YOU are responsible. 

Am I trying to scare you? YES. Look ahead, be aware, be adaptable and be able to adjust operations on a day-to-day basis. As the outlook for roofing is positive, don’t get caught up in contract language that prevents you from adapting to anything!! 

Any GOOD news???? YES, we are roofers and everyone in the world needs one!! The KRA wants to help so please be engaged and ask questions. We will get the best answer available.

Hang in there, be healthy & happy!!

John Daly

Vice President, Kaw Roofing & Sheet Metal

The Kansas Roofing Association (KRA) is a statewide trade association of Kansas roofing contractors, suppliers, distributors and other professionals.  The group collectively represents the voice of the roofing industry in Kansas.

KRA’s mission is to help its members operate successfully by providing up-to-date continuing education, industry contacts, consumer help, networking opportunities and a forum for public and governmental relations.

For information on KRA’s leadership or to see what’s happening with OSHA, regulatory and legislative issues, Click Here.

KRA offers one class of membership with three four categories within the member class:

ACTIVE MEMBER: Any established residential or commercial roofing contractor, service provider, independent representative, distributor, person or company with a bona fide interest in the roofing profession.

Click Here to download a membership form