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Colin Sheehan

AARA Hail Storm

The Storm that Broke the Ice

By Colin Sheehan, RCS Reporter.  On June 13 Canada’s 4th costliest natural disaster hit Southern Alberta causing $1.2 billion (and counting) in damage.  Last summer, hail the size of tennis balls rocketed down at speeds of 100 kilometers (62 miles) per hour on Calgary, Alberta. The hail shredded homes, destroyed roofs, smashed ...

FRSA Avoiding Event Scammers

FRSA’s Tips on Avoiding Event Scammers

By Colin Sheehan, RCS Reporter.  Scammers are an industry-wide problem and often target trade shows exhibitors and attendees.   Scammers are a worldwide problem and utilize several strategies to gain trust and steal money or personal information. Unfortunately, they are not going away any time soon. Florida Roofing and Sheet Metal Contractors Association (FRSA)’s Annual Convention and the Florida Roofing & Sheet Metal Expo is set to take place this Summer, from July 21-23, 2021 and FRSA is expecting scammers to make their attempts at exhibitor companies and attendees once again. Continue reading to learn how to spot a scammer and avoid losing any money or personal information.    Scammers will often pose as an established ...

Coffee Conversations Roofing Day

S2:E11 Coffee Conversations – Roofing Day 2021

By Colin Sheehan, RCS Reporter.   ROOFPAC members dive into the top legal issues currently facing the roofing industry.    RoofersCoffeeShop® hosted the ROOFPAC team in this recent Coffee Conversations to discuss what’s happening legally in roofing. Reid Ribble and Duane Musser from National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) and Tammy Hall from CFS Roofing Services chat with RCS Partner, Heidi J. Ellsworth on current topics such as career and technical education, inclusion of buildings with infrastructure spending legislation ...

NRCA Roof Coatings

Updated NRCA Guidelines for the Application of Roof Coatings

By Colin Sheehan, RCS Reporter.  This new guide serves as a necessary reference tool for all of those involved in the roof coating process.  The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) recently released an updated version of their NRCA Guidelines for the Application of Roofing Coatings. The original guidelines were written in 2015 and the new and reorganized version features new terms, step-by-step information and more.   These guidelines are ...

Bitec Membrane Designs

Experience New Possibilities With These Membrane Designs

By Colin Sheehan, RCS Reporter.  Enhance a low slope or pitched roof while still providing unparalleled waterproofing performance.  The Pandora’s box of roof decoration has been opened with these unique mineral color patterns now available from Bitec. These new membrane designs offer limitless possibilities with a variety of contrasting color options that are sure to impress any building owner.  Contractors can still provide premium waterproofing protection with Bitec’s MINERAL DESIGN, which ...

Roof Hugger Oh the Places They

Oh The Places They’ll Go

By Colin Sheehan, RCS Reporter.  Learn which unique location Roof Huggers have been sent to and why this product has gained popularity around the globe.  Roof Hugger’s metal-over-metal retrofit systems are an ideal and cost-effective way to replace metal roofs that have reached the end of their service life. It can remain in-place and simply be fitted with new Roof Huggers, which are installed directly on top.   Metal ...

ICP Strengthen Your Brand and Business

Top 5 Tips to Strengthen Your Brand and Business

By Colin Sheehan, RCS Reporter.   Learn what a multi-departmental organization looks like and the importance of aligning your company under one brand.  During a webinar hosted by Astec’s Kyle Ziebarth and RoofersCoffeeShop®’s Heidi J. Ellsworth, the two discuss what roofing contractors can do to walk more roofs in 2021. Of the 10 steps outlined in this informational webinar, five were developed by Heidi and concern marketing, technology and company development.   You can implement these methods ...

Stormseal Contractors Take Pride in their Work

Contractors Can Take Pride in Their Work With Stormseal

By Colin Sheehan, RCS Reporter.   How Stormseal helped Pegasus Roofing increase their profitability by 33%.  Stormseal is a heat-shrinking polymer film that is both lightweight and incredibly durable. Unlike tarps, Stormseal stays in place under all weather conditions until permanent roof repairs can be made. This award-winning product was created for emergency responders, government agencies, insurance companies, TPAs and roofing contractors. So far, Stormseal has protected thousands of ...

RCS Phoenix Roofing Contractors

Phoenix Roofing Contractors is the February R-Club Roofer of the Month

By Colin Sheehan, RCS Reporter.  Learn how this company’s commitment to customer satisfaction has brought them long-term success in the roofing industry.    Jeff Guthrie of Phoenix Roofing Contractors sat down with Megan Ellsworth, RoofersCoffeeShop® podcast producer and multi-media manager, to discuss Phoenix Roofing’s stand-out roofing services. The two talk over all of what Phoenix provides to their customers as well as the companies hardworking ethics that ...

Jobnimbus Lendio

JobNimbus Partners With Lendio to Provide Contractors With Simple PPP Loan Access

By Colin Sheehan, RCS Reporter.  Contractors can increase profitability and grow their business with Lendio, the nation’s leading small business loan marketplace.   JobNimbus is committed to helping contractors take control of their business. Their strategic partnerships with industry leaders place them in a position to better serve their customers’ needs, and this recent partnership with Lendio is no different.  Lendio is the nation’s leading small business ...

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