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DaVinci Roofscapes Nick Piontek

Snow Guards: Making the Sale

By DaVinci Roofscapes. Roofer Nick Piontek shares his thoughts about snow guards and whether or not homeowners need them. If you’re installing composite roofing in a state with snowy weather, how are you treating snow guards? Are you positioning them to homeowners as a recommended addition or a “must have” for their ...

Tremco Weather Solutions Learn

One Building, One System

By Yvette Cruz. Combining products from different manufactures can cause long-lasting and devastating effects, such as costly water leaks into the building that mean expensive repairs. Avoid all the problems before they start with Tremco’s building solutions. There can be some uncertainty about the performance of a building envelope when ...

RIDGEPRO Lightening storm roof facts

Some Striking Facts About Lightning

By The RIDGEPRO® With Lightning Safety Awareness Week, here are some facts and precautions roofing professionals must know about lightning. We all feel joy at the return of spring. In the north the ice melts on the pond, in the west the desert blooms, and in the south lightning illuminates the sky. ...

RCS Storm Prep

What You Should do to Storm-prep Your Jobsite

By Cayden Wemple. Leaving a jobsite ill-prepared for a storm can be dangerous. Here is what you should do to prep your job site for the worst. Just like homes, jobsites need to be prepped for any storms that might barrel through the area. It could be argued that a ...

AccuLynx Hurricane Season

Weather the Storm With These 5 Hurricane Tips

By Anne Redd, AccuLynx. Stay calm during hurricane season with these disaster restoration software tips for roofing contractors. If your residential roofing business is being directly affected by storms, you need to ensure it’s running as effectively as possible. Disaster restoration software can help manage the chaos and provide ways to be ...

westlake royal roofing - hail damage resources - pr - 2023

Resources for Homeowners and Contractors Facing Repairs and Re-Roofing from Hailstorms

Westlake Royal Roofing Solutions offers homeowners valuable resource guides on what to do about hailstorm damage. Every spring and summer, homeowners across much of the United States experience the hassles associated with hailstorms and the damage they cause to residential roofs. In 2022 alone, State Farm Insurance paid $2.9 billion in ...

mra - wildfire - safety - pr - 2023

Wildfire Season is Coming: For Homeowners, it's Time to Heed the Four "S's" for Safety and Preparedness

Gear up: hot weather is coming and that means, it’s the start of wildfire season. Preparing a “fire hardened” home is essential as wildfires threaten more U.S. and Canadian regions than ever before. Leading residential trade organizations such as the Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA) and wildfire safety experts say it is ...

All Points Harsh Weather

Make Replacing Tile After Harsh Weather Easy With All Points Tile and Slate

By Anna Lockhart. For homeowners and businessowners that have suffered damage to their roofs after harsh weather, All Points Tile has the resources to make replacing lost roof tiles a quick and simple task. With frequent storms and hurricanes hitting homes and businesses and causing damage that results in ...

Marco Prevent Moisture 4.10

How to Prevent Moisture Damage

By Marco Industries. Moisture control is a major factor in preventing structure damage and the key to long-lasting roofs. Moisture has always been a cause for concern when it comes to a building’s longevity, and it is crucial that builders and homeowners know how to prevent moisture damage ...


SOPREMA Storm Shelters can Protect From Extreme Weather Events

By Cayden Wemple. Hurricane shelters that are protected by SOPREMA roof membranes are up-to-code and can protect from even the harshest of storms. In the past three and a half decades, hurricanes have increased both in terms of quantity and intensity. That makes community hurricane shelters more of a ...

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