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Westlake Royal Building Products™ announces 2024 industry trends at 2024 International Builders’ Show

Westlake 2024 NAHB
February 28, 2024 at 7:00 p.m.

Westlake Royal Building Products leads the way in showcasing innovative trends that shape the roofing industry's future at NAHB 2024.

Westlake Royal Building Products™ (Westlake Royal), a Westlake company, is showcasing three industry trends during the 2024 NAHB International Builders’ Show ® (IBS), February 27–29 in Las Vegas. Displays and signage at the center of the Westlake Royal exhibit booth (C3819) will highlight the trends and several sub-trends, along with inspirational images and product guidance.

“This new feature at the Westlake Royal booth is designed to educate and inspire IBS 2024 attendees as they explore product solutions that can make their vision a reality,” says Steve Booz, vice president of marketing for Westlake Royal Building Products. “The compilation of trends offers a look at how design is evolving under new and ongoing influences, how pros and homeowners are adapting to changing conditions and how we collectively leverage design to better our lives inside and outside the home.”

Trend 1: Design versatility

Bringing the visions of homeowners, architects, designers and builders to life demands the creation of unique and harmonious indoor and outdoor spaces that reflect continuously evolving tastes. This can be accomplished through siding, trim, stone, roofing and outdoor products delivering the highest level of Design Versatility.

Within Design Versatility, we see continued use of Multi-Textured Facades as homebuyers seek a break from cookie-cutter aesthetics and seek out curb appeal that helps differentiate their homes from others on the block. For builders, these changes can create a more appealing streetscape in communities with limited elevations.

Design Versatility also highlights the growing movement toward Biophilic Design, in which we connect people more closely with nature and natural elements in order to increase well-being and productivity. Growing wellness and environmental concerns are driving demand for outdoor living space improvements and integration of nature in design, including elements like green roofs, living walls and large windows. For example, Cultured Stone®'s architectural stone and brick veneer products reinforce our inherent connection to the natural world, infusing residential and commercial spaces with a sophisticated touch of texture that complements a wide variety of other natural materials.

Trend 2: High-performance products and materials

As weather has intensified, the demand for high-performance building products has surged. Homeowners and building pros face complex product selection decisions — navigating around the areas of regional weatherability, performance and sustainability.

This drive includes the need for Extreme Weather Protection, with exterior products acting as the first line of defense during a storm, fire or other climate event. As extreme weather incidents continue to mount, it’s critical to choose resilient building materials, such as Eldorado Stone® and its premium manufactured stone veneer, which have been rigorously tested to withstand years of intense freeze/thaw cycles without damage; Newpoint™ Concrete Tile Roofing, which offers a Class A Fire Rating, as well as a Class 3 or Class 4 Hail Rating for select products; and TruExterior® Siding & Trim with high-performance attributes to stand up to extreme weather and ground and masonry contact, and is California Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) listed.

The call for resiliency necessitates Long Product Life Cycles, in which materials don’t have to be replaced as often or maintained as frequently. Sustainable products — whether they are made with recycled materials, improve a home’s energy efficiency, or have a lower environmental impact — play a key role as well.

Trend 3: Innovative industry solutions

Building professionals are facing the daunting challenges of labor shortages and product delivery issues, while trying to gain strong project margins and grow their business. The industry is in critical need of Labor-Supporting Innovations, with products that are straightforward to install. For example, Versetta Stone® combines the beauty and texture of authentic stone masonry with the simplicity of panelized installation, while brakes and saw tables from Tapco Tools® offer the utmost precision for high-quality custom exterior trim, siding and flashing.

Robust Contractor Resources from manufacturers help educate the next generation to keep job sites moving. For instance, Cultured Stone has partnered with the Concrete Masonry & Hardscapes Association on a Certified Installer Program for masons and other installers to hone their craft, and DaVinci Roofscapes® offers a Masterpiece Contractor® Program with nationwide membership, online portal support and expansive business-building marketing assistance.

Another way to be boundless™

Delivering products and resources that help customers respond to and build on the latest industry trends is just one more way Westlake Royal Building Products delivers on its philosophy to Be Boundless. This foundation of three pillars — Innovation, Connection and Expression — give builders, contractors, designers and homeowners limitless opportunities to define, activate and expand in bigger and bolder ways.

About Westlake Royal Building Products

Westlake Royal Building Products USA Inc., a Westlake company, is a leader throughout North America in the innovation, design, and production of a broad and diverse range of exterior and interior building products, including Siding and Accessories, Trim and Mouldings, Roofing, Stone, Windows and Outdoor Living. Westlake Royal Building Products manufactures high quality, low maintenance products to meet the specifications and needs of building professionals, homeowners, architects, engineers and distributors, while providing stunning curb appeal with an unmatched array of colors, styles and accessories.

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User Avatar
February 28, 2024
It's exciting to see Westlake Royal Building Products leading the way in showcasing innovative trends at the NAHB 2024 International Builders' Show! The emphasis on educating and inspiring attendees underscores the company's commitment to pushing the boundaries of design and functionality in the roofing industry. Looking forward to learning more about the trends and product solutions being highlighted at booth C3819.

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