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Roofer Profile: Will Boyd – Renewal Roofing

DaVinci Will Boyd Renewal Roofing
December 19, 2022 at 9:00 a.m.

By DaVinci Roofscapes.

Meet Renewal Roofing, the recent winner of DaVinci Roofscapes Masterpiece Contractor 2022 Project of the Year.

How could the 2022 Southeastern Designer Showhouse from Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles magazine not be a DaVinci Masterpiece Contractor 2022 Project of the Year Winner? As soon as the judges saw the roof on the 9,300-square-foot-home nestled in an Atlanta suburb they were captivated.

“I knew from the moment I looked at the drawings that this was a winner of a home,” says Will Boyd, owner of Renewal Roofing. “I pushed really hard to get the nod towards DaVinci roofing and our company. We did the entire exterior. But the ‘cherry on top’ is the DaVinci Select Shake roofing in Black Oak.”

Overview: 2022 Project of the Year

The elegant navy blue and white exterior of the show home was all crafted and installed by Renewal Roofing. The siding, standing seam metal roofing, flat roof, gutters, metal coping and then the DaVinci roof on top. Because the home was created on a tight schedule for a magazine shoot, there were challenges. But no shortcuts were taken. 

“Every aspect of this project was challenging,” says Boyd. “You’re constantly being analyzed from every direction.”

Situated amongst a tree-laden neighborhood, the Black Oak color of the Select Shake tile fits perfectly on the roof. It connects the home with its natural setting. The color recreates the mature, almost black bark coloring that some people crave for their roof. In this case, the color looks especially natural with the stark white trim on the house.

For this tucked-in-the-woods show home that resembles a New England shingle-style house, Renewal Roofing handled every phased of the exterior. “This project highlights our unique skills as a company,” says Boyd. “I’m proud of those skills, and of the products I recommend.”

Insights from a winning roofer

Working throughout the Southeast, Renewal Roofing primarily handles projects in Georgia, the Carolinas and Alabama. Will shared some insights about his career and bringing composites into his roofing mix to increase sales.

Q: How did you get started in the roofing business?

A: When I was 21, my neighbor Cody Spray told me he “sold roofs” for a living. I had no idea what that meant. Cody took me under his wing and got experience working as a specialist in insurance claim roofing. That was a good starting point for me, and I’ve been in the industry now for more than 17 years!

Q: What makes your company recommend DaVinci products over competitive composite products?

A: That’s easy. The quality of material, but most importantly is the installed appearance. DaVinci is made from all virgin materials with no recyclables, so the products won’t cup, curl or fade like the competitor’s products. The other obvious bit is the beauty of the installed system. It’s not too thin like a lite of the other composites, and DaVinci’s hip and ridge pieces are the most attractive in the industry.

Q: How have DaVinci products helped increase sales for your company?

A: Roofs are one of the most expensive components on a home. Specialty roofs even more so. But, properly installed composite roofs like DaVinci outlast shingle roofs three- or four-fold. Partnering with the best manufacturer in DaVinci has helped us gain the trust of custom home builders and high-end clients that choose premium products, thus increasing our sales.

Q: When selling DaVinci products to a new customer, what are the features and benefits that customers react best to?

A: 100% it’s the longevity. Customers recognize a true premium roof, with little to no lifetime maintenance. On new construction people are financing the project cost into their building loan. Add in this roof’s ability to weather storms, look new forever, and look exponentially better than asphalt, and it becomes a ‘no brainer’ investment decision.

Q: What’s your dream roofing job?

A: A whale. And I mean a gigantic specialty roofing project. Something that involves a multi-thousand square slate/shake composite roofing product that could be life changing to land!

Q: Finally, if you absolutely had to change professions tomorrow, what do you think you’d do?

A: Selling something really high end and unique. Maybe yachts, boats, jets or exotic cars … perhaps watches. All the things I’d love to own but would never want the responsibility of owning!

Learn more about DaVinci Roofscapes here.   

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