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ABC Supply Celebrates Managers Who Go the Extra Mile

ABC Celebrates Managers
October 18, 2021 at 6:00 a.m.

By ABC Supply.  

ABC Supply’s Managing Partner Program recognizes managers who go out of their way to help contractors.  

This year has been no stranger to challenges, as the fallout of the pandemic lockdowns have resulted in material shortages and price hikes that have lasted throughout the year. With such a huge obstacle to construction, more and more contractors sought out distributers they could trust this year.  

ABC Supply is proud to say we have branch managers and teams that take care of contractors’ businesses. At more than 800 locations across the country, our branch managers and their teams are committed to doing what they can to help their local contractors succeed. We encourage all associates, but especially our branch managers, to explore new ideas, identify opportunities, assess risks and take action — all to benefit their customers.   

One way we recognize our branch managers who go above and beyond to help their teams and customers succeed is with our Managing Partner Program. To become a managing partner, managers must meet criteria in the following areas: 

  • Associate development 

  • Customer satisfaction 

  • Branch performance 

  • Safety compliance 

  • Excellence in overall business practices 

They then join our National Branch Advisory Board and share feedback with senior leadership on various topics that help us improve how we support our teams and customers.  

There are currently 293 managers in the program, and this year, we’re welcoming the following 48 new managers — each of whom exemplifies what it means to support their branch associates and our customers. 

Chad Bolt of Greenville, North Carolina

Brian Gross of Medford, Massachusetts

Warren Halliday of Yuma, Arizona

Chad Nolan of Baton Rouge, Lousiana

Mitch Clark of Naples, Florida 

Ryan Mannick of Aurora, Colorado 

Mike Ayers of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Thomas VanBerkum of Maitland, Florida 

Chris Arnett of Roanoke, Virginia 

Myles Davis of Allentown, Pennsylvania

Robert Wilson of Edmond, Oklahoma 

Jeff Garman of Lafayette, Indiana 

Quade Feeser of Dunnellon, Florida

Ryan McPherson of Pensacola, Florida 

Kevin O’Connor of Westfield, Indiana

James Jurkas of Fort Myers, Florida

Adam Hamby of West Palm Beach, Florida 

D’Mitri Copeland of Milton, Delaware 

Angela Ragona of Toms River, New Jersey 

Charlie Miller of Santa Maria, California

Ryan Gerardy of Phoenix, Arizona 

Kris Abernathy of Bloomington, Indiana 

Mark Spurling of Framingham, Massachusetts 

Grant Truex of Charlotte, North Carolina 

Michael Campbell of Lake Worth, Florida 

Steve Searcy of Marietta, Georgia

Daniel Bell of Norman, Oklahoma 

George Opferman of Carnegie, Pennsylvania 

Mike Fronczak of Burleson, Texas 

Rachael Thompson of Panama City, Florida 

Miles McMillan of Fayetteville, North Carolina 

Brenton Binns of Haines City, Florida 

Sean Severson of Jarvisburg, North Carolina 

Jay Stone of Austin, Texas 

Jake Wise of Vancouver, Washington

Jim Camp of Elyria, Ohio 

Shane Redfield of Austin, Texas 

Sean Devillier of Lake Charles, Louisiana 

Logan Nonnemacker of Gloucester, Virginia 

James Kober of Youngsville, North Carolina 

Chris Howard of North Charleston, South Carolina 

Chris Tate of Jacksonville, Florida 

Stephen Snow of Greensboro, North Carolina 

Ryan Musgrave of Twinsburg, Ohio 

Wayne Margeson of Show Low, Arizona 

Zach Willard of Springfield, Missouri 

Matt Petersen of Mobile, Alabama

Jaiden Beck of Shelley, Idaho 

Get to know four of this year’s new managing partners and their thoughts on leadership and success. 

Rachael Thompson — Panama City, Florida   

Rachael came to Panama City at a pivotal time. The branch was hustling to take on the surge of hurricane work and Rachael was up for the challenge, knowing she could make a difference. With a background in the construction industry, Rachael came to ABC Supply with great empathy for and understanding of what it takes for customers to do their jobs. 

She’s passionate, energetic and engaged in the business. She’s always willing to do what she can, personally and professionally, to help her team and customers succeed. 

Rachael believes that being a great leader starts with recognizing that your team is the single biggest contributor to your success. She says that it’s important to elevate team members' strengths and create an environment that people want to be in. 

D’Mitri Copeland — Milton, Delaware 

Coming from the credit industry, D’Mitri knew he wanted to help people solve problems. As manager of the Milton branch, he focuses on building relationships with his team and his customers. He wants to ensure they’re being taken care of and enjoying their experiences. 

D’Mitri’s hands-on approach has contributed to his overall success. When he’s not working on managerial tasks, he’s rolling up his sleeves and working right alongside his associates. He states, “I do whatever it takes to make sure my team and customers are supported.”   

D’Mitri acknowledges that success takes a lot of hard work. He believes that effective leaders are motivated, surround themselves with a support network and aren’t afraid to try new things. 

Daniel Bell — Norman, Oklahoma 

After two years as a contractor and six on the distribution side of the business, Daniel was looking for a new job closer to home. That’s when he found ABC Supply — a family atmosphere with Core Values that closely align with his own. 

Daniel’s unique experiences as a contractor influence how he and his team treat their customers. He knows the challenges of being a contractor and can easily relate to the people he serves. As a result, he makes sure his entire team treats customers the way he wanted to be treated as a contractor. 

Daniel views leadership as never being complacent. He says that by giving others the opportunity to lead and grow, businesses can grow even more. 

Ryan Gerardy — Phoenix, Arizona 

When Ryan Gerardy first looked for a job, he didn’t have a car, so his radius included businesses within a mile of his apartment. Luckily, ABC Supply was one of them. He walked into the Minneapolis, Minnesota branch and was given an invaluable opportunity. 

Ryan understands how critically important his team of associates is to the branch’s success. They’re the core of the business, and it’s their commitment to service that allows the branch to help contractors grow their businesses. He values creating relationships and invests in them by spending a lot of time with his customers. 

He believes that successful leaders place their people and customers at the forefront of the business, allowing the rest to fall into place. 

Our managing partners’ knowledge, leadership and diverse experiences help contractors be successful in their communities. They, along with their dedicated teams, make it easier for contractors to get the products and services they need to tackle their projects. Learn more about how our locations and teams can support professional contractors and their businesses

Learn more about ABC Supply in their RoofersCoffeeShop® Directory or visit

Original article source: ABC Supply


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