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5 Summer Roof Maintenance Tips You Must Know

RCS Summer Roof Maintenance
May 16, 2023 at 3:00 a.m.

By Evelyn Witterholt. 

Here are five easy roof maintenance tasks homeowners can do before summer comes along. 

Editor’s note: Share the following information with your customers to help them safely maintain their roofs. 

With the weather getting warmer, homeowners are looking on the bright side of life. But when was the last time you’ve taken a look at your own roof? Although the summertime offers gorgeous views of the outdoors, the last thing you’d want for your home is an unsightly roof. That’s why we encourage you to take the time to do these simple things to make sure your roof is in excellent condition before summer rolls around.  

Here are five easy things homeowners can do to prepare their roof for the summertime:  

1 – Take a good look at your roof (and take pictures too!) 

One of the best, and easiest, things homeowners can do for their roofs is simply look at it. Take a good amount of time to look at all aspects of your roof for any problem areas you might notice. If you see any missing or damaged shingles, take a picture of them and contact your reliable local roofer. Even if your roof is in good condition, take a picture anyways to use as a point of comparison in the future.  

2 – Clean your gutters 

If you haven’t already cleaned your gutters, now is the perfect time! You could find that they have gotten clogged up with leaves and debris which must be removed. According to an article about the cost of gutter cleaning, gutters serve an important role to the functional integrity of a home. Gutters collect water from the roof and drains it onto the ground in specified areas. This is an important process that keeps your house free from costly damages. 

To learn more about cleaning your gutters, check out this informative piece from Coffee Shops’ Editor Lauren White: “9 Tips for Gutter Cleaning and Maintenance”. 

3 – Trim your trees and bushes 

Another maintenance task you must do is pruning your trees and bushes. Not only does it make the exterior of your home look beautiful, but it also protects your roof! According to C.E. Larusso from Angi, keeping your tree branches at least 10 feet away from your roof allows sun to hit your roof which helps prevent moss and algae growth. She also says that “branches overhanging your roof give rodents and other critters easy access where they would be more than happy to gnaw on your roof and sidings.”  

4 – Inspect your attic 

Taking a good look at your roof from the outside is all fine and good, but sometimes the inside of your home tells a different story. That’s why if you have an attic, you’ll want to inspect it as well. Mikaela from Arnett Construction and Roofing says that you’ll want to keep your attic ventilation in good condition as a poorly ventilated attic can hurt your roof in the long run. She also says that it’s important “to look for any signs of moisture and mold in the rafters and attic during your summer roof maintenance since it can point to water leakage from your roof.” 

5 – Schedule a roof inspection 

Last but not least, it never hurts to schedule a roof inspection. Roofers have a good eye for things you might miss when you look at your own roof. They will be able to find any current problems with your roof as well as any problems that could arise in the future. Getting two inspections a year from a reputable roofer will allow them to get familiar with your roof and be able to notice when something is wrong with it. Find a trustworthy roofer near you to get an inspection done today! 

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About Evelyn 

Evelyn works as a writer for RoofersCoffeeShop, MetalCoffeeShop and AskARoofer. When she isn’t writing about roofing, she’s either at the gym lifting weights or curled up on the couch watching a movie. 

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