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2020 Tennessee Association of Roofing Contractors Membership Benefits

TARC 2020 Membership Benefits
February 9, 2020 at 2:00 p.m.


Members who renew and pay by March 1 will receive a discount. Learn about the 2020 benefits below.

It is time for TARC 2020 dues renewal. Recently, TARC Members have asked for the option to combine both TARC member events with membership dues as a payment option. Now members can save money and pay for all of their events, or pick and choose, using our new Silver, Gold and Platinum Membership Levels.

We have gotten a slow start at rolling out this new structure, so we are extending the cut-off to March 1. If you pay your dues by March 1, 2020, you can save 10% of the final fee online by entering code TARC20. We will also roll the Mid-Winter Meeting savings to the 2021 event if you choose that option.

What else do you get by being an active member of the TARC? 

  • Knowledge & Empowerment Stay informed of upcoming code and legislative changes as they happen. 

  • Develop Profitable Relationships with Suppliers and Manufacturers Meet and develop lasting relationships with people who supply for your business.

  • Have a Voice in the Halls of our State Capitol
    TARC suppliers and contractors provide a voice as a unified industry regarding the roofing profession to legislators. Members help shape legislation and are updated on the results. 

  • Company Recognition
    Membership is based on company. Each company membership will have up to three contacts associated with the account. A membership directory is available to all members. 

  • Free Legal Counsel
    TARC partners with Cotney Construction Law, who serves as TARC’s Legal Counsel, offers TARC members free legal counsel. 

  • Socials, Meetings and Education
    TARC holds two conventions each year and at least two social events to support roofing industry education and updates. 

  • TARC Scholarship Fund
    Every year, TARC awards three secondary education or trade school scholarships to deserving TARC member’s children. 

  • TARC Member Insurance
    The Tennessee Association of Roofing Contractors has partnered with Colonial Life Insurance Company to offer our membership some additional insurance benefits. As a member of TARC, your employees are receiving discounted rates that make these products very affordable.Paying your 2020 dues is easy! Visit the website dues renewal page at to view all of your options and simply choose which level your prefer. 

We do have a payment plan, if you do not pay in full for the 10% discount, that you can sign up for by calling 615.515.5299. The payment plans are as follows: Paid in full: 10% Discount Semi-Annual: 2 Payments: Due March 1 and July 1 Quarterly: 4 Payments: Due March 1, April 1, July 1, October 1 Thank you for your continued support of the work of the TARC!

If you need help with payment or other issues, please feel free to call the TARC office at 615.515.5299.   |  | Pay 2020 Dues


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