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Accurence Technology is Changing the Roofing Industry

How Tech is Changing the Roofing Industry

By Tim Bruffey, VP of Innovation, Accurence. As tech improves, so do roofers. When we got back from the 2019 International Roofing Expo in Nashville, we got to talking about the ways in which a modern roofing tradeshow reflects the ways the roofing industry has changed over the years. Long story short, ...

ForceManager New Technologies

Welcome New Technologies - Digital Transformation is Here to Stay.

By ForceManager. Digitalization is the big challenge of the present, and companies need to embrace the use of new technologies to streamline their processes. Digital transformation is here to stay. Pen and paper reports, printed letters or blueprints made with a triangle and a draftsman’s square are elements of the past. Today, ...

JobNimbus Time-Based Automations

5 Ways to Use Time-Based Automations

By Kaili Spear, JobNimbus. Time-based automations are a great way to increase productivity. Change a status automatically after a period of days, send reminders before an appointment, change from one status to another automatically! ​This is wonderful for re-occurring work or quarterly maintenance.  JobNimbus is super excited to now have time-based automations as a feature. ...

Trimble New Desktop Access

New Desktop Access: Bridging the Gap Between Field and Office

By Trimble. With the new Contractor WorkZone feature, you can now access the app from your desktop computer. When we set out to create Contractor WorkZone, our primary focus was on mobile. How could we impact people in the field the most? We wanted to improve the experience and efficiency of the ...

Jobba GAF Inspection

Want to Inspect Smarter? Introducing GAF Inspection, Powered by Jobba

The exclusive GAF Inspection tool gives roofing contractors the ability to create a complete roof inspection with an easy-to-use cloud-based solution. The GAF Inspection tool can be used for standard roof inspections and for inspections covered by the WellRoof® Guarantee Extension program. It features an intuitive, step-by-step inspection process that follows ...

Trimble Construction Technology

2019: What’s On the Horizon for Construction Technology

By Trimble. Technological advancements have improved construction efficiencies and increased production. We’re excited to look at the top technology trends that you should be aware of for 2019. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Analytics Despite the construction sector being worth more than $10 trillion a year, it severely lags compared to other industries when it ...

ForceManager CRM during hurricane season

How the Right CRM can Help You Provide the Best Service During Hurricane Season

By Oscar Macia, Cofounder & CEO, ForceManager. Hurricanes have been rough in the US in the past and Matthew, Irma and Michael are examples of storms that caused major damages in areas of Florida and South and North Carolina and Louisiana recently. Many residents in hurricane-prone areas have acknowledged the importance of ...

Trimble Paper Cost

How Much Time is Paper Costing You?

By Trimble. When it comes to construction profitability, it’s safe to say that time equals money. To put this in perspective, let’s think about all of the hours that go into filling out timecards, driving around town just to drop off a signed contract, and going through every detail of an invoice ...

Nearmap MapBrowser Projects

Introducing Nearmap's MapBrowser Projects.

Nearmap Projects helps you create, manage and save your work in the cloud using in-browser tools for a more efficient workflow. This new release lets you create and manage projects, so you can save and revise your most critical site plans and designs.  There are also some great new features that ...

Trimble Free Ebook

Free E-Book: Technology Doesn’t Have to Be So Scary – Keeping up with the Younger Generation

By Trimble. More than ever, we are seeing a blend of generations working together to collaborate on the ways a jobsite is run. While the older generation has the “if it ain’t broke, why fix it” mentality, the younger generation is eager to bring new technologies and change to the construction workplace. ...

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