Sustainable Roofing with Soprema - Read, Listen or Watch Now!

Heidi J. Ellsworth discusses the future of roofing and sustainability with Tim Kersey, VP and General Manager of Soprema USA, and Matt Davis, Soprema's Marketing Manager. With a growing need for sustainable products and systems on the roof, there is also an overall societal demand for corporate responsibility around sustainability.

Kersey shares how Soprema globally is committed to environmental stewardship at the highest levels of the corporation while offering strong solutions for roofing contractors and building owners on the roof. Soprema believes that never before has the impact of sustainable construction and buildings been more important than it is in our world today. Globally, buildings account for approximately 40 percent of the world’s energy consumption. In the United States alone, buildings account for 50 percent!

Kersey describes how being at the forefront of responsible product design, sustainable operations and engagement of employees to participate in pushing the envelope for a greener tomorrow, has been at the heart of the company’s mission and core values for years.


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