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This Fall, win a case of Geocel 4350  in one of 23 colors. Once you win, just pick your color and you will be stocked for all types of weather and surfaces. Fill out the form for your chance to win big in 2020.

Geocel 4350™ METAL ROOF & SIDING CONSTRUCTION SEALANT provides a strong, long-lasting bond to PVDF, SMP, and polyester coated steel, bare galvanized, Galvalume® metal panels, aluminum, copper, skylights, glass, brick, block, wood and vinyl siding. It will stay flexible while you are applying it in extreme wet or dry conditions, even down to 0 degrees F. 


  • Long-lasting watertight seal - won’t shrink

  • Permanently flexible- exceeds rigorous ASTM C-920 Class 50 testing

  • Apply in wet or dry in challenging weather conditions down to 0 degrees F.

  • Strong lasting bond


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