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Over the past 25 years, General Coatings has developed a reputation as a company that provides exceptional products for industrial, commercial and residential use. Our high performance, next-generation HFO roofing spray foam and roof coating systems are manufactured with an emphasis on quality, ensuring they will perform to its roof service life. Our products serve the Roofing, Wall, Cold Storage, Tank, Commercial, Oil & Gas, Agriculture, Equipment, Energy, Education, Military, and Water industries.

Ultra-Thane Coated Foam Roofing

Ultra-Thane Spray Foam is durable, efficient, and waterproof. SPF forms a high performance, insulated, monolithic roof system which is renewable and sustainable. Ultra-Thane SPF consists of a seamless layer of spray foam insulation protected by UV reflective elastomeric coating.

The optical comparator allows contractors to easily read roof coating dry film thickness in the field by aligning the slit to its reticle mils scale.

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