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In this RCS eBook, meet Darci Kunard, an experienced marketer with a demonstrated history of success in the building materials industry. 

Taken from a Roofing Road Trips podcast from RoofersCoffeeShop®, Darci shares how contractors can utilize products, like the Titebond® Ultimate PVC Trim Adhesive and Sealant, to enhance their residential maintenance and service divisions. She also illustrates other ways contractors can expand their service programs.

She talks about how many homeowners do not have the time, tools or experience to completely take care of their homes themselves. Regular checkups on their roof, siding, flooring, etc., are necessary to ensure a house is properly functioning and to avoid costly damage that will often go unnoticed unless inspected by a professional. Creating a service division addresses this consumer need and is a simple, yet effective way for roofing companies to grow their business. 

“I always think of home maintenance like a dental checkup,” Darci explained. “You need it every six months, maybe every year, but I would think every six months, because things happen.”