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In this RLW, Steve Kuhel, product manager for FiberTite, talks with Heidi J. Ellsworth, RCS partner, about hail events and commercial roofing listings, including defining VSH, the emergence of hail events and geographical considerations.

Most who have been involved with the roofing industry have experienced the costly impacts of normal and extreme hail events. With FM Global taking a formal position on the classification of extreme hail events, known in the market as Very Severe Hail (VSH), this emerging classification has ramifications across the U.S. commercial roofing market.

Steve will share updates on FM Global minimum performance requirements and test methods to achieve VSH ratings, the impact of these listings in the commercial roofing markets and material considerations for hail events, VSH or otherwise. FiberTite’s proven KEE resilient roof membranes lead the industry as the only KEE manufacturer with VSH accreditation. Find out what this classification means for roofing performance and what it means for your next project.

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