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Cotney Consulting Group provides a business checkup for only $300.

This includes an analysis of business operations and preparation of a summary report, which provides areas of improvement and ways to decrease costs and increase profitability.

Key performance indicators (KPI’s) are fundamentally essential and beneficial to your business. They guide you in keeping track of your business’s profitability and efficiency at the same time. As a contractor, it is necessary to use key performance indicators, so you can determine the best practices and drive success forward in your business.
Running a company is not straightforward, and you will continually face numerous pressures that can come from your own business as well as other external factors. With the Cotney Consulting Group Business Checkup, we will evaluate your information and provide a report of your key performance indicators that will give you a reading on your companies’ health and performance.
The analysis report and KPI’s we will provide:
• Profitability
• Cash flow
• Liquidity
• Leverage
• Forecasting
With this report, you will see where you stand with your business in comparison with the industry standards, and how you line up to the top-performing companies in revenue bracket.


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