Born out of a desire to integrate visual data with existing rooftop data to help digitally transform the way rooftop assessments/takeoffs are performed and deliver even greater long-term results, learn how John Kiesel of Division 7 Roofing and Kerrick Willis have perfected the inspection process.  

Imagine Technologies Group (ITG) recognizes that customers are in different stages of their drone roofing inspection journey.  That is why they are offering 30 minute drone consultations to R-club members. Start integrating digital photogrammetry for roof assessments today and immediately see the advantages of this technology to take your company to the next level. 

ITG's visual inspection platform and drone captured data produces high-resolution images and 2D and 3D models for detailed roof assessments, providing unique insights into the conditions of their roofs, as well as assisting in the planning and inventory management of new roofing construction and repair projects. Save time and money on inspections all while delivering a safer and more accurate estimate. 

Take advantage of ITG’s expertise and jumpstart your digital inspection programs today with a 30 minute drone consultation.