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3 Ways Virtual Receptionists Makes Your Customer’s Lives Easier

Ruby Elevate Customer Experience
November 17, 2022 at 9:00 a.m.

By Matt Lurie, Ruby. 

Virtual receptionists don’t just save your business time and money, but also deliver experiences that make life better for the people you serve. 

Every business wants to provide exceptional customer service, but let’s face it: not many businesses have the time, energy, or team to make it happen. That’s where companies like Ruby® come in. We’re a team of customer communication experts who provide businesses like yours with the services and analytics you need to ensure people have the best possible experiences online and over the phone.  

In other words, we’re all about making life easier—not only for you, but your customers too. Here are a few ways how: 

1 - Providing seamless experiences for callers 

There’s no reason outsourced customer communication needs to sound outsourced. 

The best customer experience solutions take steps to embed themselves in any organization they represent by using the same terminology and tone an in-house customer-facing employee would. They become familiar with the business and its customers to sound familiar to those individuals. 

For example, at Ruby, we do this by… 

  • Creating and maintaining a list of your frequent contacts, with details and notes about each contact. 

  • Using a “whisper” tool that speaks your organization’s name to the person answering the phone, ensuring they pronounce it correctly every time. 

  • Using local details such as time and weather to create connections with callers and sound like we’re on site. 

2 - Ensuring after-hours coverage 

Customers may expect your business to run 24/7, but that doesn’t mean you have to run it personally that whole time. A customer experience solution like Ruby will have you covered when you’re away from your desk or device, so you can work and relax uninterrupted. 

Best of all, you have options. Suppose you receive urgent calls before or after your office hours. In that case, a virtual receptionist can answer those calls live, direct some or all calls to voicemail, or forward calls to a contact or a number of your choice—among other options

3 - Creating better FAQs 

Answering the same question dozens of times a day is neither a good use of your time nor mental and emotional energy. When it comes to improving your customer experience while saving time, developing a set of answers to common questions is the lowest hanging fruit—and something a customer engagement solution like Ruby can easily take on! 

Not only that, but a premium solution will help you create, modify, and enhance your FAQs. A typical Ruby receptionist takes hundreds of calls per day, and each of our chat specialists handles a comparable number of online conversations. We can tell you what information your customers are looking for, so you can make that information more readily accessible to callers or website visitors. Many of our customers have used Ruby to do precisely that, saving time while setting the right expectations upfront. 

Learn more about Ruby in their RoofersCoffeeShop® Directory or visit Ruby.com.   

Original article source: Ruby

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