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Seeking Elite Roofing and Construction Sales Consultants

Southwest Austin, TX Posted 2 weeks, 1 day ago
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We are a very well established construction firm located in Cedar Park. For over 15 years we have earned a platinum reputation in the Central Texas construction market and boast an A+ rating with the BBB. We have an abundance of happy customers and referrals; we are indeed "the local contractor you can trust". Our ties to the community and dedication to service, quality, and excellence is a company story that is very real and quite appealing to both residential and commercial consumers. This statement is validated by our steady flow of leads and opportunities as well as our high percentage of closing ratios. We are equally competent in retail consumer construction, as we are in storm damage and insurance restoration construction; both commercial and residential.

* Services (residential) that we market for and offer include: Roofing, Siding, Gutters, Shutters, Windows, Painting, Concrete, Screen Rooms, General Contracting, Construction Management, and more.

* Services (commercial) that we market for and offer include: Roofing (all types), Architectural Metals, Foams and Coatings, Metal Wall Coverings, Service and Maintenance Programs, Metal Building Erection and General Contracting, Construction Management, and more.



Our firm has a solid market share and we are solvent with cash reserves. Our owner has decided to launch a strategic growth campaign to target increased market acquisition in a sustainable and responsible manner. He has dedicated a great deal of funding and other resources to this effort in the way of: recruiting a high level professional general manager, retaining a powerful marketing agency, and securing a beautiful retail office space ready to accommodate future support staff, sales teams, and customers. This investment represents a cash value north of six figures as well as long term contractual commitments to vendor partners and other resources both in and out sourced. The combined construction experience of this owner and his general manager exceeds 50 years and $800M in valuation. Despite the difficulty by others to retain reliable and quality driven sub-contractors and installers in this explosive Austin growth condition; we have very secure relationships in place to satisfy our current and expected work flow as a result of this campaign.



After reading this narrative we hope that you feel educated about us and our efforts; what we are doing and how we are doing it. This is how we sell our work. We educate our potential consumer, provide a clear and concise plan as to how we are going to manage and implement their investment in us and their structure, and we communicate effectively and regularly during the implementation process so as to ensure a successful outcome. We are highly qualified marketers, consultants and professional project managers.

We celebrate diversity and culture by regularly performing or participate in community outreach and industry related networking events. We project a qualified, vibrant image and brand geared toward consumers of all race, gender, and religion. We promote consumer confidence through competency, and continued education. We are intolerant of poor quality, worst business practices, impropriety, and low or no value relationships; both with internal staff and potential customers. If I was to compare our management strategy to a known icon in American business history, it would have to be none other than Jack Welch.



Sales positions are 1099 (sub-contractual), and 100% commission based. We subscribe to the "Gross Profit Commission Splits" model for compensating sales representatives. We do not "pay off the top" of projects. The literal translation of the commission structure looks like this:


0K - 100K                 10%                      20%

100K - 500K             10%                      30%

500K - 999K             10%                      40%

1M+                          10%                      50%

The "agent sells" threshold is not annually, it is in the lifetime of our relationship; once you hit the "gate" your commissions cannot be demoted. If you are already a top producer, and your sales are accredited, we will place you in the appropriate bracket upon arrival. This is a standard commission structure for retail construction sales. Here's an example of promotions and incentives that we will run for agents from time to time:


- Self generated lead promotion; 5% overhead

- Top sales rep of the month; $500 kicker

- Tenth project sold incentive; 60% split

- Company paid annual trips/travel

- Projects over $50k; fixed overhead

- The list goes on


We offer ongoing training and CE. We have a highly qualified back office at the ready to support your sales efforts and production of the projects. Our business domain is prepared with offices you can work from, and host clients to close your business opportunities.



Simple stuff here: if you are an experienced sales rep please send your resume and wage requirements where we will review them immediately for consideration; if you are new to retail construction or are interested in outside sales and marketing, tell us more about your background and why you believe this work is a fit in your life and mindset.


Heads up, this work can be done by guys young and old, women, moms, and some disabled persons depending on your limitations. Often the minority groups mentioned are more successful than their 'mainstream' counterparts. Simply put, I have seen a yoga mom outsell a seasoned construction guy on many occasions; simply because of their amazing personality and willingness to learn and grow.


Have a great day and thank you for visiting our post.

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