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Preferred Roof Lines

Who We Are

As a manufacturer representative for roofing materials, our mission is to be a resource for quality roofing and building materials. Not just an order taker, but offering true sales support. From the factory to the roof, Preferred Roof Lines is dedicated to making you successful with our product lines. Serving the great states of Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming.

Contact the Preferred Team Today for:

  • New Innovations in Underlayment
  • New Coatings Technologies
  • Cutting Edge Fastening
  • Plus Valuable Contractor Resources

Can’t find it? Just Ask (us) for it! With 30 years in the industry we have the resources.  

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FT Synthetics 

FT Synthetics is a fully integrated manufacturer of coated woven fabrics, with a dedicated focus of developing industry-leading new and unique underlayment products designed for the steep slope roofing industry. 

Its primary goal is to maintain its leadership status by designing high performance, consistent quality products that offer one of the safest walking surfaces available in the industry. FT is able to accomplish these goals due to its unique position of having full control over all steps of the manufacturing process. 

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   Thermotek Group 

     Thermotek X99 SILICONE outperforms all
     other coatings by creating a seamless membrane
     that will not degrade under UV light.

     Thermotek X99 SILICONE, ultimate ponding water.

     Learn More Here





From STINGER EXO synthetic roofing underlayments and the cap fasteners and tools that secure them, to STINGER coil roofing, and EG or HDG bulk hand drive nails, STINGER provides a variety of product solutions for roofing and sidewall applications.

Winner of the HBS Dealer Golden Hammer Award and Pro Tool Innovation Award, the STINGER® CN100B Cap Nailer is the best practice when it comes to securing synthetic underlayments and housewrap.

The second-generation Cap Nailer holds 200 caps and 200 nails and fires 5 cap nails per second.

Weighing only 4.9 pounds, the CN100B is lightweight but durable. It also features bumpfire and sequential modes, a 360° tool-free exhaust, and a tool-free depth of drive adjustment. Use the CN100B with the STINGER NailPac: 10 reels of caps and 10 coils of nails that meet the standard code of a Fortified Roof™. The CN100B comes with an installed belt hook, air fitting, a durable carrying case, and 20-weight oil for routine maintenance.

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