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Take advantage of your NRCA membership!

NRLRC is the leading legal advocate for roofing contractors throughout the U.S., and NRCA contractor members are members of the National Roofing Legal Resource Center (NRLRC) as part of their NRCA dues.

As a member, you have access to the most pertinent legal resources available anywhere in the U.S. roofing industry enabling you to successfully manage and respond effectively to legal issues affecting your business.

Your Membership As a roofing contractor member, you can take advantage of the legal assistance available through NRLRC's legal experts, who are on your side to help address some of your toughest legal, business and employment issues, including:

  • Contract language
  • Employee relations
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Payment provisions
  • Insurance and safety coverage
  • Codes and standards
  • And much more


  • Discounted registration fees to NRLRC’s Annual Seminar, Roofing Issues: Decks to Dockets, held Sept. 6-8, at The Meritage, Napa Valley, CA. Attendees gain an appreciation of current legal and regulatory developments affecting their business, and many participants consider it a “must-attend event.”
  • Discounted fees to NRLRC’s Annual Luncheon Program held annually in conjunction with the International Roofing Expo. This program gives you an overview of the most prevalent legal and technical issues affecting roofing contractors and their businesses.


  • Access to the Members Only section of NRLRC’s Web site,, which includes NRLRC’s Legal Database. This comprehensive database contains more than 400 legal articles, cases, special reports, past seminar handouts and access to significant roofing-related court decisions to help you save time and attorney fees.
  • Free access to expert legal help. Receive answers from NRLRC’s counsel to help address some of your toughest legal, business, and employment issues and problems. Submit your questions via NRLRC’s Legal Help Line located online at or by calling NRLRC at (847) 299-9092.
  • Key contract provisions. Effective contracts focus on the key elements—such as the payment terms; the various obligations of the parties, representation and warranties; conditions to closing the deal; liability issues; remedies; and termination rights. As a member, you can download six volumes of NRLRC Contract Provisions – access to 120 valuable provisions – that can be inserted directly into your contracts.
  • A subscription to NRLRC’s monthly E-newsletter, The Legal Center. This informative resource keeps you and your business up-to-date with the most recent legal issues and trends affecting roofing contractors.

Access You also can download electronic copies of the following NRLRC-produced publications for free:

  • A Roofing Contractor’s Guide to Obtaining Payment addresses all the approaches to collecting money; terms in invoices, liens and claims on payment bonds; stopping work; not providing warranty services; and more.
  • OSHA Citation Defense Manual is a comprehensive resource to familiarize you with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) procedures, practices and terms and be better prepared to handle OSHA inspections and respond to citations.
  • A Roofing Contractor’s Guide to Fume Claims addresses alleged health effects from fumes or vapors emitted from roofing products; potential legal liability associated with the installation of materials that emit fumes; and strategies to reduce potential liability for fume-related bodily injury claims.
  • A Roofing Contractor's Guide to Bidding addresses all the issues related to bidding, including bid protests, bid bonds, bid responsiveness, bid mistakes, promissory estoppels and state court remedies, and more.
  • Ensuring Your Independent Contractors are Not Classified by the Government as Employees, A Guide for Roofing Contractors will educate you about employee misclassification with a focus on the legal issues and provide recommendations to mitigate your risk and corresponding liability that may arise if your independent contractors are found to be employees by state or federal regulators.
  • A Roofing Contractor’s Guide to Construction Contracts addresses how to identify and understand the critical clauses in a contract before signing, giving you more effective ways to manage risk and reduce claims.
  • A Comprehensive Guide to Wage and Hour Regulations Affecting Roofing Contractors addresses regulations governing minimum wage and overtime pay requirements, including a discussion about how to calculate the "regular rate" of pay.

If you have any questions, please call Alison LaValley or Anne Schroeder on the NRLRC staff at (847) 299-9092.


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