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Nearmap offers a subscription based service for high-resolution aerial imagery that empowers roofers to carry out inspections from any connected device.

Roofers can now gain a competitive edge to win more business — at a fraction of cost and time — with on-demand access to location intelligence, allowing them to:

  • Reduce truck rolls and improve operational efficiency
  • Obtain recent imagery to perform takeoffs in minutes, not days
  • Identify risks and hazards onsite, ahead of time 
  • Assess and document roof damage remotely
  • Accelerate the sales cycle and optimize field activities 

Nearmap flies over 1,740 urban areas across the nation, covering more than 80% of the population. Areas are surveyed up to three times a year, so you always have up-to-date aerial imagery at your fingertips — dated and timestamped. The Nearmap aerial content stack includes orthographic (vertical) imagery, oblique views, immersive 3D models, and advanced AI layers. Rapidly scale your business through accurate high-resolution imagery and geospatial intelligence. 

Now roofing estimators can be everywhere without going anywhere.

Explore how you can leverage Nearmap with a live demo or learn more.

NAVIG8: Picture the Future, Today

At Nearmap Navig8 2022 we explored the world from a new perspective and LOOKED CLOSER at the solutions that can help transform your workflows.

Hear from thought-leaders applying Nearmap technology and geospatial content in exciting real-life scenarios to create a better world. Gain insights into how you can optimize Nearmap content and leverage our partner solutions to streamline the way you work.

Explore the possibilities and discover the potential that will be unlocked by the future Nearmap vision.

Watch on demand today!


Promos Rebates - Save Time White Paper

White Paper: 4 Simple Tips to Save Time on Site Visits

Learn how businesses are reducing field work, boosting productivity, and gaining a competitive edge with high-resolution aerial imagery. Download this white paper and learn how to: Rapidly accelerate business Reduce on-site visits Enhance proposals & communications Streamline planning & design Download the paper.
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Nearmap - eBook

Remotely Identify to Accurately Indemnify: Gain Real Property Intelligence with Aerial Data

The challenge of responding quickly to disasters is one of great frustration to insurers, especially during the events of the past couple of years. Carriers have dealt with record-breaking wildfires in the West, massive tornadoes in the Midwest, major hurricanes across coastlines, and social and economic upheavals across the country ...
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Ebook - Using Aerial to grow your business

Using Aerial Mapping to Grow Your Business

Small businesses reap significant advantages by using HD aerial maps. Learn how to prospect smarter, communicate better and win business faster. Plan and Communicate with Precision Prospect with Confidence Quote with Speed and Accuracy Transform your Business Download Today!
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Latest Podcasts

Nearmap - RLW - New Technology

Want some real insight on how this new technology could be a step above what you are currently using?

Learn How HD Instant-Access Aerial Imagery and how it can take your measurement process to the next level. Presented by Tony Agresta & Moderated by Heidi J. Ellsworth Listen to the Podcast
Listen to the Podcast

Latest Webinars

Nearmap - Webinar - Faster Quoting

FREE Webinar On-Demand: Faster Quoting, Fewer Site Visits with HD Aerial Maps

Why spend hours of time traveling to job sites? Small businesses such as roofers, pavers, solar installers, and landscapers can win business faster while saving time and money on site visits using Nearmap's current, HD aerial maps. Attend this webinar to see Nearmap's MapBrowser in action: Get more qualified leads Measure & ...
Watch the Webinar

Nearmap - Webinars

Check out the Nearmap Webinar Playlist

Double Your Business Investment – the heart of any business. You have the right people, but need more from every working hour. The best aerial view maps help increase productivity far more than even the newest satellite images. Learn more and Watch these FREE Webinars. See all Nearmap Webinars Here. High-Res Obliques Within ...
Watch the Webinar


FREE Webinar On-Demand: HD Aerial Maps Accelerate Business

Watch this webinar and see a live demo of Nearmap's MapBrowser, a web-based tool that gives roofers, pavers, landscapers, and other small business contractors instant access to current, HD aerial maps. Learn how MapBrowser's powerful tools can help you: Get more qualified leads Measure & estimate faster Improve quotes & proposal Reduce site visits Minimize ...
Watch the Webinar

Read Listen Watch - Educational Content

NearMap Aerial imaging

Want some real insight on how this new technology could be a step above what you are currently using?

June 21, 2019 Learn How HD Instant-Access Aerial Imagery and how it can take your measurement process to the next level. Presented by Tony Agresta & Moderated by Heidi J. Ellsworth Learn How You Want - Click on how you want to view! Watch the Webinar Listen to the Podcast Read the Transcription
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Buy Online

Nearmap - Buiy Onine

Get a recent view of your project in our high-res aerial maps. HD AERIAL MAPS — SPEND LESS, POCKET MORE. Smarter, faster estimating & inspection with fewer site visits. Click here, complete the form, and we'll be in touch to share it with you.
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Latest Videos

Nearmap MapBrowser Projects

Nearmap Video Playlist

What will you accomplish in 2020? We are on the cusp of a brand new year--an entirely new decade, in fact. What's in store for your organization in 2020? At Nearmap, our mission is to help you achieve your project goals by saving you time and money in your project planning. ...
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