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Nearmap Now Offers Complete Aerial Map Measurement Tools for Solar and Roofing Industries

The new MapBrowser provides roof-pitch, height, width, and area tools to help companies measure rooftops and structures without onsite inspections; gives small businesses the same advantages as large companies to improve planning and presentation workflows

View your next project in Nearmap for FREE. For more information, visit them HERE.

Nearmap captures urban US imagery multiple times per year, processes massive amounts of visual data, and uploads up-to-date aerial maps to the cloud within days. How? Powerful, patented imaging and processing technology. Our unique speed allows Nearmap to deliver high-resolution aerial imagery as a service: orthographic (vertical) maps, new multi-perspective oblique views, and 3D models. Continuous innovation is key, as each advance unlocks greater detail, value and opportunity. Rapidly scale your business through reliable, updated high-resolution imagery. Now roofing estimators can be everywhere without going anywhere.

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Look how easy prospecting can be with galleries like THIS. 

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Learn more about Nearmap:

On Demand Webinar

nearmap webinar

Want some real insight on how this new technology could be a step above what you are currently using?  Watch this On-Demand webinar and learn about HD Instant-Access Aerial Imagery and how it can take your job evaluation and measurement process to the next level.

Watch Today!

To see MORE FREE Webinar’s On Demand CLICK HERE

Have a little fun with Aerial Imagery: Can you guess where these pictures where taken? Take the Quiz!


Watch video from the 2018 International Roofing Expo (IRE)

Exceptional interview and brief demo with Nearmap's Tim Frank.

Join us at these Events in 2019

ICSC RECon  Dates: May 19-22, 2019  Location: Las Vegas, NV  Booth #: N1032

AIA Conference on Architecture  Dates: June 6-8, 2019  Location: Las Vegas, NV  Booth #: 8527

Esri User Conference  Dates: July 8-12, 2019  Location: San Diego, CA  Booth #: TBD

International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO)  Dates: September 8-11, 2019  Location: Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada  Booth #: TBD

Solar Power International  Dates: September 23-26, 2019  Location: Salt Lake City, UT  Booth #: 3627

Autodesk University  Dates: November 18-21, 2019  Location: Las Vegas, NV  Booth #: TBD



Latest Promotions and Rebates

See Your Next Roofing Project In HD!

BLUE MEANS BUSINESS And brown, too – tarps for repair/re-roof, and freshly cleared land for future development. Be the early bird. The best aerial imagery multiplies your efforts in ways that most current satellite maps can't. Get Your Image Here!
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FREE Webinar On-Demand: HD Aerial Maps Accelerate Business

Watch this webinar and see a live demo of Nearmap's MapBrowser, a web-based tool that gives roofers, pavers, landscapers, and other small business contractors instant access to current, HD aerial maps. Learn how MapBrowser's powerful tools can help you: Get more qualified leads Measure & estimate faster Improve quotes & proposal Reduce site visits Minimize ...
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FREE Webinar On-Demand: Faster Quoting, Fewer Site Visits with HD Aerial Maps

Why spend hours of time traveling to job sites? Small businesses such as roofers, pavers, solar installers, and landscapers can win business faster while saving time and money on site visits using Nearmap's current, HD aerial maps. Attend this webinar to see Nearmap's MapBrowser in action: Get more qualified leads Measure & ...
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Latest Ebooks

Using Aerial Mapping to Grow Your Business

Small businesses reap significant advantages by using HD aerial maps. Learn how to prospect smarter, communicate better and win business faster. Download Today!
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White Paper: 4 Simple Tips to Save Time on Site Visits

Learn how businesses are reducing field work, boosting productivity, and gaining a competitive edge with high-resolution aerial imagery. Download this white paper and learn how to: Rapidly accelerate business Reduce on-site visits Enhance proposals & communications Streamline planning & design Download the paper.
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Latest Webinars

Want some real insight on how this new technology could be a step above what you are currently using?

Learn How HD Instant-Access Aerial Imagery and how it can take your measurement process to the next level. Presented by Tony Agresta Moderated by Heidi J. Ellsworth Watch the Webinar
Watch the Webinar

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