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Metal Roofing Consultants

Metal Roofing Consultants (MRC) educates contractors
and manufacturers with a proven in-home sales system
and trains installers in expert metal roofing installation!

Market tested systems include: lead generation, appointment setting, in-home sales presentations,
and installer training.

MRC training gives new dealers the confidence they
need to excel in the metal roofing business. 

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How to sell metal roofing using our proven, in-home sales process

These intensive 4-day sales training program are the same step-by-step sales program used by companies throughout North America to develop 1.5 million dollar producers. By implementing these selling systems into your company, you will be able to build a duplicable sales program and grow your sales force.

You will learn–

  • How to get the sale on the first visit
  • Roof construction and metal roof terminology
  • The questions and methods to conduct a needs assessment with your customer. You will uncover what they value and know exactly how to sell to them.
  • How to conduct an impactful attic examination to create emotion to buy now! You will receive forms to use along with what affordable equipment to buy.
  • A customer-centric sales presentation
  • How to eliminate the asphalt competition
  • How to eliminate competing metal roofs from consideration
  • Proper components of a metal roof contract
  • How to price
  • How to outsell your competition at a higher price!

At Boot Camp you will receive a presentation book that is customizable along with a sales training manual.

Class will run from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM each day.

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Client Testimonials 

   “Your group has been tremendously helpful to us in
    shortening the learning curve as we moved from being
    an asphalt shingle company to one that installs beautiful
    metal roofing.” 

       - Jeff Moeslein, President, Legacy Remodeling, Inc.

    Read More Testimonials Here




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To learn more about Metal Roofing Consultants, visit their RCS Directory.  Frank Farmer Metal Roofing Consultants Intro Client Testimonials  Dave Yoho Endorsement Metal Roofing Consultants Bootcamp Interviews
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